4 moments that proved Roman Reigns is a good guy in real life

Roman Reigns is the top dog in WWE today, and is ruling over his Island of Relevancy with an iron fist. He is the current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion and recently prevailed in his first title defense against a stubborn and resilient Riddle.

Reigns continues to get crowds to acknowledge his greatness through any means necessary. His run with The Bloodline and his intensity make him the biggest heel in the wrestling business. It goes without saying that his transition from standup heroic man to evil Tribal Chief has been nothing short of incredible.

The Head of the Table may be a villain on-screen, but Joe Anoa’i is nothing short of a gem in real life. He is an inspiration to everyone around him and is totally not like the acknowledgment-seeking, index finger-raising guy he is on TV.

On that note, we present to you four moments that proved that the man is a great human being through and through.

#4 On our list of Roman Reigns moments that proved he is a real-life good guy: Standing up for his locker room colleagues

Reigns was having none of Amore's nonsense
Reigns was having none of Amore’s nonsense

In 2016, WWE was on a European tour that made headlines for multiple reasons. The most high-profile incident was Enzo Amore causing so much trouble that he was booted out of the team bus by Roman Reigns.

Reports suggested that Amore kept on talking about the money he made in wrestling and how he was partying throughout that weekend with it. Everyone on the bus was annoyed with his braggadocious talk, and it escalated to the point where Reigns took over as locker room leader and kicked The Certified G out.

The Big Dog standing up for his colleagues and to Amore highlighted how he didn’t tolerate any disrespect or lack of professionalism. What he did was an act of leadership and responsibility and something he deserves props for.

#3 His commitment towards Make-A-Wish

Reigns has granted many wishes for the kids at Make-A-Wish
Reigns has granted many wishes for the kids at Make-A-Wish

Roman Reigns may be a bad guy on TV, but outside it, he is a humble and lovely human being. He spends time with kids and interacts with and inspires them, and participates in Make-A-Wish’s promotional videos to raise funds.

Reigns was recently honored with the 2021 Chris Greicius Award for Celebrity Wish Granting. The organization issued a statement hailing his efforts and talking about how he has made a difference.

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns has inspired many wish kids with his confidence and courage both in and out of the ring, especially given the health challenges that he has had to overcome. As tough as his in-ring persona can be, he’s nothing but kind and caring when he spends time with wish kids. Roman has also been incredibly generous with his willingness to participate in promotional videos and campaigns that help raise money to grant more wishes.

Despite having played a villainous character for nearly two years now, The Tribal Chief is someone who aims to make a positive change in the world. His Make-A-Wish association has been great for all parties involved, and it goes to show how much of a class act he is.

#2 Helping Aleister Black settle into the WWE locker room

Aleister Black is currently honing his craft at AEW as Malakai Black, but he will be the first to admit that he has some really fond memories of WWE. One of them was his interaction with Roman Reigns back in 2017, when the pair met during a tour of Europe.

Black, then still part of NXT, felt like he had to make an impression to the main roster superstars. He cleaned up the locker room every night after the shows concluded. This was noticed by Reigns, who approached him and made him feel at home. The former NXT Champion revealed that The Guy told him that he belonged to the locker room like everyone else and that he didn’t have to clean it up every night.

This story shows Reigns’ status as a locker room leader, and a good one at that. His welcoming nature must have helped take a huge weight off Black’s shoulders, and that is the kind of treatment any newcomer must be given.

#1 Working tirelessly to spread cancer awareness

The wrestling world collectively shed a tear when Roman Reigns announced that he was battling leukemia. Everyone gave him a thunderous ovation as he announced he would fight cancer and win, and welcomed him back with a louder one after he returned victorious.

Since being in remission, Reigns has used the WWE platform to spread awareness and educate the world about cancer. He has teamed up with many organizations for this purpose and has done a brilliant job at it. Thanks to his tireless efforts, many have received that much more strength and support.

Roman Reigns is simply an inspiration to those fighting their battles. To those who are currently going through what he went through a couple of years ago, we say what one of his shirts used to say – We fight, we overcome, we believe.

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