“I’m not bitter about it” – WWE Legend opens up on why him and William Regal were released (Exclusive)

The shockingly long list of WWE releases has included many long-tenured employees. The likes of Road Dogg, William Regal, and many others were apparently fired and replaced with less experienced personnel with the motive to cut costs.

On the debut episode of “The Wrestling Outlaws” podcast, ‘Road Dogg’ Brian James responded to Vince Russo’s question about his WWE release and why the company let go of veterans like William Regal in favor of younger people.

Road Dogg said that he had no ill feelings towards his former company. The WWE Hall of Famer was part of the creative team for many years until he was ousted earlier this year. Road Dogg believes that, given his invaluable experience, he could do a much better job than the current group of producers.

The tag team legend clarified that it had nothing to do with his in-ring work but that he was well-versed with the WWE system.

He stated:

“I think they saved a ton of money by getting rid of 15 people on the same day; they got rid of me,” recalled Road Dogg. “I don’t think it was personal, and I’m not bitter about it. Could I help the show more than some of the producers now? I think so, too; I appreciate you (Vince Russo) saying that, and I think so, too, only because of my experience and not because I was any better than them in the ring. It’s just because I have a lot of experience now.” [5:36 – 6:00]\


“Nobody knows those unwritten rules” – Road Dogg on the changes in WWE’s backstage setup

Road Dogg competed in an era where professional wrestling was presented differently to the audience.

The WWE Legend noted that he has been in the business long enough to understand the difference between “television wrestling” and “live event wrestling.” He also felt that several fundamental yet unwritten rules of wrestling had been forgotten.

Vince McMahon has made several alterations to his team of producers and agents over the past couple of years. Road Dogg gave an honest assessment of how the situation actually is behind the scenes:

“A lot of experience with not only wrestling but television wrestling, and that’s a deeper conversation we can get into. The difference between a television wrestling match and a live event wrestling match. There is so much out there that I feel like from our generation, my generation just knew and just did,” added the legendary star. “And now, it’s like lost; nobody knows those unwritten rules because they were unwritten, you know what I mean?” [6:01 – 6:26]

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