WWE veteran shares the real meaning behind what Vince McMahon did on SmackDown (Exclusive)

A defiant Vince McMahon astonishingly kicked off the latest SmackDown with a four-word message. Wrestling fans were confused as the 76-year-old appeared in character and did not address the serious allegations against him.

Dutch Mantell reacted to SmackDown’s brief opening segment and said it was McMahon’s way of telling the world that he wouldn’t go down without a fight.

The former WWE manager read between the lines and deciphered Vince McMahon’s actual message, as you can view below on Sportskeeda’s Smack Talk:

“I think even that short appearance on SmackDown said more than what he actually said was that I’m going to fight, and I’m still here,” said Dutch Mantell. “I think he is going to fight it.” [9:35 – 9:51]

Mantell continued to talk about the biggest controversy in pro wrestling and felt that the recent WWE announcements regarding McMahon were just a “camouflage.”

While many were surprised over McMahon’s decision to step back from his WWE position, Dutch believed Vince had no other alternative.

“I think it’s just a camouflage,” Mantell added. “That’s what I think. I think he has to step away, and he has to announce he is stepping away.” [8:56 – 9:04]

Dutch Mantell on Vince McMahon’s predictable SmackDown segment

The entire wrestling fraternity hoped Vince McMahon would speak about his current predicament heading into this week’s SmackDown.

He came out to his iconic entrance theme song, did the Billionaire strut, and welcomed fans to another episode of the blue brand. However, it was a typical Vince McMahon angle that didn’t last long, and here’s how Mantell initially reacted to the segment:

“When he came out tonight, I thought, what if he just came out there to some song and did his walk to the ring. That’s exactly what he did. I said, ‘What the hell?’ I thought he was going to go in there, and all he did was welcome the crowd. ‘We’re in Minneapolis, and welcome to SmackDown.’ It was less than a minute, and he got out.” [9:08 – 9:33]

Dutch Mantell also mentioned that someone within WWE might have leaked the details regarding McMahon’s affair. Here’s what the wrestling legend had to say about his conspiracy theory.

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