4 things that must happen if The Rock faces Roman Reigns

In his storied career, Roman Reigns has compelled several WWE legends to acknowledge his greatness. From a ruthless MMA fighter like Brock Lesnar to a persistent babyface like John Cena, every superstar that has stepped into the ring against the Tribal Chief has been defeated.

However, there’s a certain “electrifying” superstar who has the potential to knock the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion off his pedestal. This individual is close to The Bloodline in real life and might have what it takes to crack the Roman code.

The superstar in question is none other than The Rock. The WWE Universe has envisioned a match between The Head of the Table and The Brahma Bull for several years. With Reigns running through all the legitimate contenders for his titles, it might not be long before we see The Rock return to teach his cousin a lesson.

In this article, let’s look at four things that must happen if The Rock faces Roman Reigns

#4. Paul Heyman must have a war of words with The Great One

Heyman is the wise man and spokesperson of The Bloodline.

Paul Heyman and The Rock are two of the most gifted talkers pro wrestling has ever produced. Surprisingly, the WWE Universe never got to see these two masters of the microphone go up against each other.

The Brahma Bull would certainly take exception to Heyman’s claim of Roman Reigns being the greatest superstar to come out of the Samoan Dynasty. While The Rock is known for his non-PG mic work, Heyman is also not someone who would mince his words while defending his client.

It would be an intriguing verbal duel between two witty promo masters, and WWE must make sure it happens when The Great One re-emerges in the company.

#3. The Usos must be put in a dilemma

While The Usos have mostly been loyal to Roman Reigns throughout his title reign, their significance will increase a lot more when their other cousin shows up.

Having seen The Usos being manipulated into doing The Tribal Chief’s dirty work, The Rock will be adamant about liberating the undisputed tag team champions from Roman Reigns’ hold.

However, it won’t be easy to break the bond between Reigns and The Usos. Despite being neglected by their cousin several times, Jimmy and Jey might find it difficult to leave The Head of the Table behind due to their allegiance.

The Usos being forced to pick a side would create enough family drama to spice up the rivalry between Reigns and The Rock. WWE can use this angle to sow the seeds of dissent between the reigning Undisputed Tag Team Champions, prompting them to go their separate ways.

#2. Sami Zayn vs. The Rock needs to happen

In the absence of Roman Reigns, Sami Zayn has risen as the new ambassador of The Bloodline. He has been exceptional as the “honorary uce” of The Tribal Chief. Whoever has tried to bad-mouth The Bloodline has found The Master Strategist standing in their way.

But what happens when The Rock comes calling for the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion? Will Sami Zayn still try to prove his loyalty to The Bloodline despite The People’s Champion being around?

WWE can add a new dimension to the Reigns vs. Rock rivalry by throwing Zayn into the mix. The 37-year-old is a terrific in-ring performer and can make anyone look like a million bucks by putting them over.

The mini-feud could lead to some entertaining segments while also allowing The Rock to regain his in-ring expertise. A match between The Master Strategist and The People’s Champion would ensure that The Great One is well-prepared for his historic bout against Roman Reigns.

#1. The Rock must cost Roman Reigns one of his world titles

After defeating Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns became the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion at WrestleMania 38. Having been a dominant champion for over 650+ days, it’s high time that The Tribal Chief said goodbye to one of his world titles.

WWE has been on the receiving end of criticism for its decision to put both titles on Reigns, who is currently working part-time. Both RAW and SmackDown have suffered considerably in the absence of a fighting champion.

To fuel the animosity between the two megastars, WWE should have The Rock cost The Tribal Chief either of his championships upon his return. It would be the perfect way to relieve Reigns of his duties as a double champion.

Moreover, it would allow The Head of the Table to solely focus on his program with The People’s Champion.


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