5 of Elias’ most savage insults in WWE


One of the modern era’s greatest WWE introductions is the guitar strum followed by the words “Hello, I’m Elias.” When the fans hear those words, they know they are in for a treat.

Elias has played several roles, but his best gimmick is most certainly that of the heelish musician. The streets will never forget how he routinely showed up and mocked every venue in the smoothest ways. Those offended by his remarks might also secretly appreciate the man’s wit.

Through his song and words, The Drifter turned a random gimmick into one of the greatest things of the past decade. Despite losing his beard and guitar, the character is still popular, as evidenced by the cheers he revived this past Monday on RAW. He didn’t get the trademark heel heat he was notorious for, but he did dish out insults at Kevin Owens’ expense.

On that note, we walk with Elias and remember five of the greatest insults he has thrown down.

#5 on our list of the most savage Elias insults: Insulting Philadelphia and the Rocky Statue (Royal Rumble 2018)

Hats off to the person who booked Elias’ entry into the 2018 Royal Rumble match. He entered at #6 and found that everyone was lying unconscious, allowing him to deliver what he called “the performance of the year.”

The singing sensation marched into the ring as a rowdy Philadelphia crowd cheered him on. He then proceeded to diss their city and one of its most famous attractions, The Rocky Statue, by openly saying what he would do to it after the match.

“When I win the Rumble, I’ll finally show respect to this place. I’ll walk to the Rocky Statue and I’ll spit right in its face!” Elias said. (11:56 – 12:11)

As always, Ezekiel’s older brother was interrupted, this time by the Rumble countdown. Nevertheless, the insult was objectively fantastic.

#4 Dissing Liverpool FC and their fans for losing to Manchester City (Live Event in Liverpool, May 2019)

The 2018/19 Premier League season was for the ages, as Manchester City and Liverpool duked it out for the race to victory. The two teams ran each other exceptionally close, and on the final day, City pipped their rivals to the trophy by a solitary point by beating Brighton and Hove Albion on the final day.

WWE touched down in Liverpool after the end of the season, and Elias decided to have a pop at the audience. He started off playing some Beatles tunes and then promised to play a better one after he was done doing something.

That something was swapping his shirt for a Man City jersey, much to the chagrin of the Liverpool supporters. He then serenaded them with a legendary song that drew out massive boos.

“Earlier today, Man City won their biggest game. Now Liverpool has no more games left to play. Except when they lose to the Spurs two weeks away!” (1:25 – 1:56)

Even if Liverpool ensures you will never walk alone, they may make an exception for The Drifter after such a burial.

#3. Mocking Trish Stratus’ age (RAW, August 27, 2018)

The August 27, 2018 episode saw Elias in Canada and him insulting Toronto. This drew out WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus, who appeared to defend her hometown from insults while giving the musician a taste of his own medicine.

Stratus mocked the younger superstar and told him to leave the ring. The Living Truth told the seven-time women’s champion that he knew she had a thing for him, but he didn’t date women in their sixties. He got his answer in the form of a resounding slap.

#2. Flipping John Cena off (RAW, April 8, 2019)

Elias was not happy after WrestleMania 35. John Cena had ruined his performance for the second WrestleMania in a row by returning as The Doctor of Thuganomics. He decided to take his frustrations out on Cena through rap, something the latter is famous for.

“John brought out the golden shovel even though I can’t be buried, that’s what you do. I’m sitting here holding up three fingers; John, the middle one is for you. Every superstar wants to make their name on Elias; I get it – you’re a fan. But mark my words – the next one to intrerrupt me is a dead man!” Elias rapped. (1:40 – 2:15)

As soon as the last words left The Drifter’s mouth, the bell tolled, and a certain Deadman appeared. The Undertaker complimented the rap by hitting a Big Boot, a Chokeslam, and a Tombstone Piledriver.

#1. Burying the Seattle SuperSonics (RAW, October 1, 2018)

It really couldn’t be anything else. Elias and Kevin Owens’s segment on the October 1, 2018 episode of RAW is wrestling history, drawing one of the loudest boos anyone has ever heard.

It all started thanks to a line from Elias. Addressing his and Owens’ tag team match against John Cena and Bobby Lashley, he said it makes as much sense as having a basketball team in Seattle. The crowd booed them out of the building without stopping, doing it louder every time the two superstars tried to speak.

It was one of the modern era’s all-time great heel segments. The Living Truth and The Prizefighter played their part to perfection, and the result was one of the greatest insults delivered by any WWE Superstar in recent years.

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