“I wanted to put Cody over” – WWE legend on why he chose Cody Rhodes as his last opponent

Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Booker T said he wanted Cody Rhodes to be his final singles opponent in the company because he believed in The American Nightmare’s talent.

Booker T returned to WWE in 2011 at the Royal Rumble after spending a few years in TNA/IMPACT. He later featured in a storyline with Cody Rhodes, who was also his last singles opponent in the promotion in January 2012.

A fan asked Booker on his Hall of Fame show about his return to the company in 2011 and if facing Rhodes was part of the deal. The veteran noted that he only planned to participate in the Royal Rumble. However, he asked the company to position him in a storyline with The American Nightmare as he wanted to “put Cody over.”

“No, the thing with Cody Rhodes, that wasn’t part of the deal – I was just coming back for the Rumble. I wanted to work with Cody; I wanted to have my last match in the ring in WWE with Cody. Even though not knowing that was going to be my last run in WWE, even though I came back and did some stuff with Team Teddy and all that.”

He continued:

But, from a singles perspective, I wanted to put Cody over. I always thought Cody was at the same level as Seth Rollins, Batista, John Cena – I always thought Cody was just as talented as those guys,” said Booker T. [From 1:08:00 to 1:08:46]

Booker T feels that the Cody character he faced in 2011 and 2012 was what the RAW Superstar always wanted to be.

Booker T is still associated in many ways with WWE

Since his return to the company in 2011, the six-time world champion has taken up various roles in the company.

He has been a commentator on both RAW and SmackDown, besides being the SmackDown General Manager for a brief period. He is now a member of the pre-show panel for premium live events.

The legend has also made a few appearances on-screen, even bringing his popular King Booker gimmick for a segment with The New Day a few years ago. Meanwhile, he has wrestled for his own promotion, Reality of Wrestling, in recent times, but it remains to be seen if he will get back in a WWE ring moving forward.

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