WWE Legend says John Cena made him more money than any other performer

Former WWE Superstar William Regal has revealed that whilst he worked with John Cena, he was able to make more money than ever before.

Regal was signed to WWE for more than 20 years, the former ECW champion was an in-ring performer in the company in the early to mid-2000s, and Cena was the biggest star during that time. With the number of ticket sales the company was making off the popularity of the leader of Cenation, performers like Regal also benefited financially from Cena’s stardom.

Speaking on his podcast, Gentleman Villain, Regal explained how working with Cena enabled him to make more money than ever before.

“There’s nobody who has made me as much money because of the time period that I was wrestling in the WWE, as John Cena. Because of longevity, a lot of those fellas came and they were huge, incredible, massive stars for a few years, right? Three or four years and they’re still huge, massive stars, but they all went in different directions. John stayed the course, and he stayed the course and I was on every show with him, nearly every show, luckily, wherever he moved to, I’d move. I just lucked out that I was a lot of the time on shows with him and he was making, you know, my family made more money because I was getting (more money)over the longer period of time.” From 25:10 to 26:20

Along with stars like Hulk Hogan, The Rock and Steve Austin, John Cena is arguably one of the most popular stars in the history of professional wrestling.

John Cena is set to return to WWE

After being away from the ring for almost a year, the 16-time world champion is set to make his return to the company.

As part of WWE celebrating the 20th anniversary of his debut with the company, the 45-year old will be appearing on RAW next week.

With his Hollywood career now in full swing, Cena unfortunately makes fewer and fewer appearances in the squared circle, and therefore the excitement for fans to see him back next week is at an all-time high.

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