“Paige and Emma were the foundation” – WWE Veteran praises Paige and Emma for their work in NXT

AEW star William Regal praised Paige and Emma for their work on NXT.

The Four Horsewomen ran the women’s division in NXT and became the corner stone of the Women’s Revolution in 2015. Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks and Bayley have been the front and center of WWE’s women’s division. Before the stable, the leader of Absolution and Emma were at the top as champions and contenders, respectively.

On a recent episode of the Gentleman Villain podcast, Regal praised both stars for their performances during their time on NXT:

“I’m gonna have to give Paige and Emma the highest compliment I can give them is that they were the two people before the four horsewomen and everybody else they, Paige and Emma were the people, the two ladies that set all that in motion as far as being where everything went from then onwards.”

The former NXT General Manager went on to say that they were the foundation for what the women’s division later became.

“Paige and Emma were the foundation of whatever came out of the incredible run of ladies that came through NXT and all that the happenings afterwards. They were the two starting ladies that sort of got attention on everybody.”

It was interesting to see the two superstars put on a stellar performance on NXT.

Booker T says Paige would be a good signing for AEW

Earlier this month, Paige announced her departure from the company. After still being signed with WWE for the last couple of years, she said she would be leaving the company in July. It was recently announced that she would appear at the WAW promotion in the UK, which is run by her parents.

On a recent episode of the Hall of Fame show, Booker T responded to a fan asking if he would advise her to join All Elite Wrestling. He said he would like to see her in AEW as she is a bonafide star who can make a difference in the promotion:

“Yeah, I would, I would love to see her on a big stage. If she’s not going to be in WWE, definitely, I could see her doing some really, really good stuff there … People made my comment about Sasha big news just because I don’t look at Sasha the way I look at her… It’s just a matter of seeing something and what we can get out of this. That’d be big for AEW to have someone like her walk out of that curtain. She is a star, bonafide,” said Booker T. [From 47:33 to 48:31]

It would be interesting to see where the 29-year-old goes after her contract expires, will she be ALL ELITE and return to in-ring action or join any other promotion. The possibilities are endless for the former Divas Champion. Share your opinions in the comment section below.

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