4 WWE Legends who could return for a match at SummerSlam

Summer is here, and that means WWE is gearing up for its second-biggest event of the year, SummerSlam. The Biggest Party of the Summer will emanate from Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee, on July 30.

The show’s main event has already been decided: Roman Reigns will defend his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Brock Lesnar in a Last Man Standing Match. With Lesnar’s involvement, it seems likely that the powers-that-be will use a handful of part-timers and established stars to build the card.

Let’s dive into four legends that could potentially return for a match at the Biggest Party of the Summer.

#4. Edge will most likely compete at SummerSlam

The Rated-R Superstar, Edge, has had a busy year thus far. After a mixed tag-team feud with Miz and Maryse alongside his wife Beth Phoenix, the Hall of Famer moved on to a program with AJ Styles.

Edge turned heel for his rivalry with Styles, defeated the Phenomenal One twice, and formed a stable known as The Judgement Day, which included Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley. However, the Ultimate Opportunist was betrayed by Ripley and Priest, who aligned with the newest member, Finn Balor, to oust the legend from the faction.

Since the heinous assault, Edge has remained off television. However, the 11-time World Champion will probably return with newfound vigor to exact revenge and teach his former disciples a lesson. Unless WWE goes for a tag-team match, the Hall of Famer will likely face Balor, the mastermind behind the betrayal, at SummerSlam.

#3. John Cena might face off against Theory

John Cena is scheduled to appear on the June 27th edition of RAW to celebrate two decades of his illustrious career. This will mark the Champ’s first appearance since last year’s SummerSlam. Fortunately for his fans, the return is unlikely to be a one-off as Cena is rumored to compete at the Biggest Party of the Summer.

If the 16-time World Champion is available for SummerSlam, his opponent will likely be reigning US Champion Theory. Vince McMahon reportedly sees the 24-year-old as a future John Cena, which may be part of why he has been pushed so heavily in recent months.

Cena and Theory have also exchanged a few words on social media, teasing a future showdown between two of WWE’s favored sons. If Mr. McMahon’s protege faces the Face That Runs the Place at SummerSlam and defeats him, it will launch him into the stratosphere.

#2. Lita could pick up where she left off earlier this year

WWE Hall of Famer Lita is one of the greatest female performers of all time and has helped pave the way for future generations of women in wrestling. Even today, she occupies an active role in the company and has stepped in the ring from time to time.

Lita competed in the 2022 Royal Rumble Match and then faced Becky Lynch for the RAW Women’s Championship at Elimination Chamber, where she lost. While the 47-year-old may not be a spring chicken, she can still go in the ring, and recent matches indicate a willingness to return to action.

Given that the women’s roster lacks depth and direction, it may be wise to bring in Lita for SummerSlam. Ronda Rousey lacks credible opponents, and the Hall of Famer could serve as a viable challenger in case Charlotte Flair can’t return for the event.

#1. Shane McMahon could make a shocking return

This one seems the least likely among all the entries in this list, but it could happen nonetheless. After backstage heat following the underwhelming Men’s Royal Rumble match, Shane McMahon was reportedly fired.

Dave Meltzer noted that Shane O’Mac could eventually return. Furthermore, the former SmackDown Tag Team Champion was also present during WrestleMania weekend, suggesting that the two parties may not have permanently severed ties.

If that is the case, then the former SmackDown Commissioner may return to our screens sooner rather than later. As mentioned previously, the current roster lacks depth and star power. Randy Orton’s injury has further exacerbated the issue. WWE tends to call upon part-timers and established stars during tough times, and Shane-O-Mac ticks all the boxes here.

Potential opponents range from Theory to Bobby Lashley to Riddle to Seth Rollins, whom he was once rumored to face at WrestleMania 38.


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