WATCH: WWE Superstars who went off the script

It is a well-known fact that WWE is a scripted show based on storylines, and all of the superstars follow whatever backstage creative directs them to say and do. However, sometimes superstars improvise on the spot and go beyond the limits set by the script.

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It is usually done by big names who have enough say in the creative. From The Rock to Roman Reigns, many superstars have gone off script in Vince McMahon’s promotion and our video above talks about five such incidents.

These WWE Superstars went off the script on programming

The five instances we have chosen in the list for the video above include the following names:

Paul Heyman

Ric Flair

The Rock

Paul Heyman (again)

Roman Reigns

When and how did they go off-script? Watch the video to find out. Also, tell us in the comments which of these moments surprised you the most.


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