Legend thinks Roman Reigns will be betrayed by “dishonest” WWE star

John Bradshaw Layfield believes Sami Zayn will double-cross Roman Reigns at some point in WWE.

Zayn is currently in a storyline as The Bloodline’s associate. While he appears to serve the group’s best interests, the three-time Intercontinental Champion has an upcoming opportunity that might lead him to betray Reigns and The Usos.

If Zayn wins the Money in the Bank contract on July 2, he could technically cash in on The Tribal Chief to become the new Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

The Canadian star has said he does not intend to deceive Reigns. However, JBL is convinced that the 37-year-old will eventually go against his word. Speaking on “The SmackDown LowDown,” he quoted WWE Hall of Famer Buddy Rogers to explain Zayn’s possible motive:

“He [Zayn] can say, ‘Look, I was just gonna lay down for you, Roman Reigns.’ Do I think he’s gonna do that? Absolutely not.” JBL continued, “I think he’s gonna double-cross him. It’s like Buddy Rogers used to say, ‘Screw your friends. Make your enemies your friends, that way you can screw them too.’ That’s what Sami Zayn would do here with Roman Reigns. I’m convinced of it.”

According to JBL, The Bloodline’s associate would likely lie about his true intentions if he fails to secure the MITB briefcase next month. Additionally, the WWE legend stayed in character while appreciating Zayn’s dishonesty

“If he doesn’t [win the Money in the Bank contract], he goes to The Bloodline and says, ‘Hey, I would have just laid down for you.’ Which is 100% dishonest, but that’s okay. That’s why I like Sami Zayn — he’s dishonest,” said JBL.

JBL on Sami Zayn calling himself a WWE locker room leader despite Roman Reigns’ status

At this point, it is well known that Reigns is considered a locker room leader behind the scenes. As part of televised storylines, Zayn has also claimed to hold that backstage role.

JBL did not rule out the above possibility, but he doubted that Zayn was telling the truth:

“I think that right there tells you he’s dishonest. You know what though, I don’t know! I’m not in the locker room right now. I haven’t been in the locker room in years. So maybe he is the locker room leader. I doubt it, but you never know.”

While JBL thinks Sami Zayn’s connection to The Bloodline won’t last forever, another WWE legend believes his son will join Roman Reigns’ group one day. You can read more about it here.


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