4 things that could happen if Brock Lesnar beats Roman Reigns at SummerSlam

Brock Lesnar was probably the last person Roman Reigns expected to confront after he beat Riddle on SmackDown. But that is exactly what happened.

The Brock Lesnar return culminated in him closing the show by dropping Reigns and The Usos with F5s. WWE promptly announced a championship match between the two titans at SummerSlam. They will compete in the kind of match that can shorten careers and encourage violence – a Last Man Standing match.

The Beast and The Tribal Chief have done battle many times over the years, but it will be the first time they will lock horns in a Last Man Standing contest. Having lost the WWE Championship to the latter at WrestleMania 38 thanks to Paul Heyman, Lesnar will be looking for revenge. Him winning the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship will shake the product to its core.

On that note, we take a look at what could happen if Brock Lesnar dethrones Roman Reigns at SummerSlam.

#4 On our list of things that may happen if Brock Lesnar beats Roman Reigns at SummerSlam: We may get a (relatively) full-time champion

Roman Reigns’ current schedule is not exactly a full-time one. His commitments outside WWE means he cannot show up every week. This means the product will not have its top champion at times, given that he holds both world titles.

If Brock Lesnar manages to dethrone Roman Reigns and take his titles, we may see him more often than we do The Tribal Chief these days. However, there is every chance that The Conqueror is on a part-time schedule like the current champion. As such, if WWE is booking him to win at SummerSlam, they have to make sure he will be around more often.

#3 The championship can appear on RAW

One of the biggest problems that came with unifying the world titles at WrestleMania 38 was the fact that both titles are now permanently on SmackDown. It has left RAW without a world champion, firmly making it a B-show as far as the product is concerned.

Unlike Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar is a free agent and can appear on either show. Him beating Reigns at SummerSlam means he can appear as the top champion on RAW as well. This could also increase the number of potential challengers for his championship.

#2 The shock value would create massive interest

Lesnar beating Reigns would break the Internet

Roman Reigns’, well, reign as champion is historic. This is the longest reign for a world title in the modern era. In addition to that, he hasn’t been pinned or submitted for almost three years, which would make his defeat a legendary moment.

The shock value of The Tribal Chief’s eventual defeat has to be capitalized on. Among the current roster, few are as credible a challenge to him as Brock Lesnar. The Mayor of Suplex City avenging his WrestleMania 38 defeat and taking everything from his rival would send shockwaves across the wrestling world.

At SummerSlam, Lesnar will be the betting underdog. If he can defy those odds and prevail, the episodes that will follow will indeed be must-watch.

#1 Potential big match plans will be reworked

If you have been watching WWE closely, you will know that Roman Reigns has not one, but three targets on his back. Brock Lesnar is without a doubt the immediate threat to his championships. However, he will be aware that should he get past The Beast, he will have Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes waiting for him down the road.

Both McIntyre and Rhodes have declared their intentions to challenge Reigns. However, it is important to note that they want the title, not The Head of the Table per se. As such, WWE are in a position where they can afford to have Lesnar beat the champion and make him the man McIntyre and Rhodes have to conquer.

While fans have praised the idea of Reigns versus McIntyre and Reigns versus Rhodes, matches against The Beast are just as high-profile. For this to happen, he must conquer his rival come SummerSlam.


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