What does Rey Mysterio’s back tattoo mean?

Rey Mysterio is undoubtedly a wrestling legend who hasn’t lost any ability over time. The 46-year-old wrestler is still as incredible now as he was in his twenties.

His evolution as a performer has involved changes to his overall appearance. Over time, the former WWE Champion has increased the number of tattoos on his body. Fans can witness the iconic tattoo on Rey Mysterio’s back, which carries profound meaning.

So what does Rey Mysterio’s back tattoo mean?


In an episode of WWE’s Superstar Ink, the master of 619 revealed the meaning behind the tattoo on his back. The large vertebrae on his back signify the importance of a wrestler’s back. He explained that most of the bumps wrestlers take are on this area, so the back is a very important part of their bodies, which needs to stay strong.

“I get credit for that from a lot of people,”… “I haven’t seen it around or on pictures or in artwork; it comes from my years in this business.”

“Eighty percent of the falls we take are on our backs”… “I thought it would be cool to design a tattoo on my spine showing how each vertebra should be aligned. Something I found cool is that when they filled it out on me, they said everything is pretty much as it should be. So it’s all pretty much in place.” said Mysterio.

How many tattoos does Rey Mysterio have? What do they mean?

As revealed by Body Art Guru, Rey Mysterio currently has 37 tattoos inked on his body. He is one of the wrestlers with the most ink.

The iconic ‘Mexican’ tattoo across his abdomen signifies how much the former WWE Champion values his culture. He is one of the most successful Mexican wrestlers to ever step into WWE.

There is also a large tattoo on his left forearm that reads ‘619’. Along with his legendary finishing move, the tattoo also refers to the town he grew up in. The area code of his hometown, San Diego, is 619.

Mysterio also has a tattoo on his left forearm that pays tribute to the late great Eddie Guerrero. Mysterio and Guerrero were close friends when they worked together in WWE. After the Latino Heat passed away, his friend beautifully tattooed the initials ‘EG’ inside a tombstone. The tattoo makes Mysterio feel that he is still connected to his late friend.

If you’re interested to learn more, this article on WWE’s official website will explain the meaning of most of Rey Mysterio’s tattoos.

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