4-time world champion wants to return to WWE and face Roman Reigns (Exclusive)

Former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio has spoken about a possible match against Roman Reigns. He isn’t the only one wanting to take a trip to The Island of Relevancy and face him.

With Brock Lesnar getting the next shot at The Tribal Chief and Seth Rollins potentially waiting in the wings, the top of the mountain is getting crowded in WWE. Nevertheless, Reigns is one of several top stars Del Rio is interested in facing if he returns to the company.

He named the Samoan alongside the likes of Finn Balor and Drew McIntyre as potential opponents in an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda’s Riju Dasgupta. The Mexican star elaborated on his experience working with Roman Reigns in 2014 and 2015, back when WWE was elevating him to the main event scene:

“[I’d like to wrestle] Roman Reigns. He’s the face of the business, these days. I had the opportunity to wrestle (him) many many times,” said Del Rio. “I remember that match, when a lot of people said it was really good for him because that’s when he was still trying to get the approval from the hardcore fans.” [1:27-1:57]

Alberto Del Rio was a “real heel” in his WWE matches against Roman Reigns

The Mexican star faced Reigns in WWE many times during late 2015, whether in singles matches or tag team bouts. Their most notable meeting came in a tournament semi-final match at Survivor Series. Del Rio mentioned being a “real heel” whose focus was to make the babyface look good.

Speaking with Riju Dasgupta, he sent a message to other heels who focus more on being cool themselves:

“That night, [Roman Reigns] was against a real heel. Not a heel that tries to be cool like most of the heels these days. These days, the bad guys, they wanna be cool. Come on guys. If you’re the bad guy, be the bad guy and enjoy your role.” [1:57-2:17]

He then mentioned how tough the crowd was that night, with them eventually acknowledging Reigns following his victory. This was around the time The Tribal Chief turned the fans around and won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to a rousing reception:

At the end of the night, they gave him the recognition that he deserves. And then I left the company and now, it’s really nice to see that he has become what the company wanted from him.” [2:34-2:49]

It remains to be seen if Alberto Del Rio will return to WWE. Should it happen, the former World Heavyweight Champion would definitely have his eyes on Roman Reigns.


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