5 reasons why Riddle should win WWE Money in the Bank

Riddle is set to have one of the biggest matches of his career at WWE Money in the Bank. He will be sharing the honor with seven other superstars. Thus far, Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, Omos, Sheamus, and Sami Zayn have also been announced for the bout. The final participant is yet to be determined.

The event has major implications. Whoever wins the WWE Money in the Bank ladder match receives a contract for a guaranteed world title shot. They can cash in the contract on any champion they want within a year.

Historically, most superstars who won the briefcase became world champions. Riddle could be the next person to go from Mr. Money in the Bank to world champion.

The popular star brings a lot to the table. Below are five reasons why Riddle should win Money in the Bank.

#5. He already had a competitive match with Roman Reigns ahead of WWE Money in the Bank

Some fans have an issue with the WWE Money in the Bank concept; it can propel stars to the top before they are ready. While this can be due to the talent’s shortcomings, it sometimes comes down to WWE’s booking.

When this happens, the stars will either lose their cash-in matches or have underwhelming title reigns. They often drop down the card afterward. If WWE is investing so much time and energy into somebody, the superstar needs to be ready for the spot.

Thankfully, Riddle has already shown he can hang with the current champion. The Original Bro has had a brief rivalry with The Tribal Chief recently.

While Roman Reigns was ultimately the victor in their match, Riddle came out looking like a star. The two had chemistry in the ring. The push to win Money in the Bank is there for The Bro already.

#4. Riddle is extremely talented

Whether one loves Riddle or hates him, his talent can’t be denied. The former MMA star is also a great professional wrestler with consistent performances. The Original Bro can seemingly have good matches with someone of just about any age or style in WWE.


Apart from his in-ring skills, Riddle also developed on the microphone. While his character often has silly, comedic interviews, he pulls them off extremely well. He has somehow made “Hey, Raaaandy” into something fans love to hear.

Thus far in WWE, The Original Bro has found success. In NXT, he won the tag team titles and the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. On the main roster, his skills have brought him both the RAW Tag Team Championship and the United States Championship.

Titles, great matches, and fun promos make for a quality superstar. These attributes could make him steal the win at WWE Money in the Bank.

#3. Fans love The Original Bro

Riddle possesses a special kind of charisma. While he often irritates people when they first meet, people tend to like him with time.

Over the past few years of his career, the WWE Universe has also grown to like the talented star. His infectious charisma and in-ring skills have impressed the fans.

RK-Bro is likely the biggest factor in fans loving Riddle. His joviality, mixed with Randy Orton’s seriousness, has entertained millions. The pair’s growth into becoming friends has warmed the WWE Universe’s heart.

Fans have attached themselves to the unit. Plus, Orton’s fanbase has accepted Riddle as one of their own. The WWE Universe will erupt in cheers if Riddle unhooks the briefcase in the MITB ladder match.

#2. He can win at WWE Money in the Bank for Randy

Riddle and Randy Orton are a team nobody saw coming. On paper, the two being aligned didn’t make much sense. Even as a babyface, Randy Orton is cold and calculating. He wouldn’t seem like the type to mesh with a ‘bro.’

Yet somehow, the pairing worked, and RK-Bro has been a tremendous success. Randy Orton has had a new lease on life while The Original Bro has become a star in WWE.

Unfortunately, The Viper is currently out of action with an injury without a confirmed return date. However, Riddle has kept Orton in people’s minds via promos and by using his moveset.

If the Original Bro were to win the WWE Money in the Bank ladder match, he could dedicate it to The Viper. This would be a lovely tribute to his kayfabe best friend. It’d also be a nice gesture to the real-life Randy Orton, who has helped get the young star over.

#1. It would freshen up the main event scene

Following The Original Bro’s loss to Roman Reigns, familiarity struck. Brock Lesnar returned to WWE for the first time since WrestleMania 38. He stood eye to eye with Roman before hitting him with the F-5.

Sound familiar? It has been done so often now that it may feel like Groundhog Day for many wrestling fans. Of course, both stars’ are fantastic at what they do. There is no denying that their bout will be a big one.

Still, WWE needs to push some fresh faces. Cody Rhodes had an excellent start before his injury. With him temporarily gone, Riddle may be the new face WWE needs. The talented star would freshen things up considerably at the top of the card.

A continued feud with Roman would be excellent. A rivalry with Brock would be great. A long-term story with Seth would deliver too. Riddle winning the briefcase at WWE Money in the Bank would considerably reduce the staleness in storylines.

The Original Bro has a lot of top-tier stars to go through if he wants to become Mr. Money in the Bank. Still, he has a good chance of winning the bout as anybody else. Speaking of WWE Money in the Bank, click here for five possible ways Bayley could return at the premium live event.


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