5 reasons why Sami Zayn should win WWE Money in the Bank 2022

Money in the Bank 2022 will stream on Peacock and WWE Network on July 2. The event will feature several championship bouts, but the intrigue surrounds two ladder matches.

The MITB ladder match has been a staple for the company since 2005. The upcoming show will feature two of these matches for male and female stars, respectively. The men’s bout will feature Sami Zayn, Omos, Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, Riddle, Seth Rollins, and a mystery competitor.

While just about anybody scheduled for the match would be a quality winner, it can be argued that the best outcome is for Zayn to win. The Master Strategist has a lot of qualities that put him over the edge. Plus, WWE’s recent booking decisions seem to point toward Sami Zayn’s win.

Below are five reasons Sami Zayn should win WWE Money in the Bank.

#5. He’s one of the most talented stars in the company

Sami should win at WWE Money in the Bank because of his sheer talent. While not everybody may be a fan of his personality, he can absolutely deliver in the ring.

He has had several quality matches in his career in WWE and beyond. He has also excelled in ladder matches before. For instance, when Sami had a triple threat ladder match with AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy, it stole the show.

Another aspect Sami has to offer is his skills on the microphone. For a guy who used to wrestle under a mask and never cut traditional promos, he absolutely delivers at it. His facial expressions are fantastic, and he can tell a story.

#4. Sami Zayn might have The Bloodline’s support at WWE Money in the Bank

The Bloodline

Another reason Sami Zayn should win the match is The Bloodline. For those unaware, the talented Canadian star has become affiliated with the most dominant faction in professional wrestling, becoming an “Honorary Uce.”

While Zayn’s status as a member of The Bloodline is still unknown, his connection to them is highlighted regularly. He’s often the fall guy for Roman or the Usos.

Recently, he and The Bloodline’s Paul Heyman have seemingly hinted at the possibility of Sami receiving help in the WWE Money in the Bank bout.

A storyline of Sami winning the briefcase with The Usos’ help would be a lot of fun. Fans can speculate whether The Bloodline did it to support Sami, or if they did it for their own selfish reasoning.

#3. He’s never been a world champion before

Zayn is no stranger to holding championship gold. He held a wealth of titles before joining WWE in 2013. Upon joining the NXT brand, he would win the prestigious NXT Championship.

Sami has found championship success on the main roster as well. He’s won the WWE Intercontinental Championship thrice. However, with all of his success, The Master Strategist is yet to capture a world championship.

Zayn should win at WWE Money in the Bank, so he could potentially win a major title. It isn’t clear if he’d cash in on Roman Reigns, somebody who dethrones Roman, or in some other manner. Regardless, he could finally reach the top of the industry after decades of hard work.

#2. Sami Zayn can work with anybody

Sami Zayn is a fantastic utility player. If you need him in a heart-stopping, edge-of-your-seat bout, he can do that. If WWE needs him in a comedy match, he can pull that off. He can also compete with main eventers, low-card talent, and even non-wrestlers.

The fact that he can work with just about anybody is a good reason for him to win at Money in the Bank. If he one day becomes a world champion, he would be able to compete against anybody on the roster.

Sami becomes more popular and a stronger character no matter what he does. That success rate is what a champion needs.

#1. He could betray The Bloodline after WWE Money in the Bank

Sami appears to be loyal to The Bloodline. He’s taken beatings for them yet returned to their side. He has also snitched on those talking trash about The Tribal Chief and The Bloodline.

The only problem is Sami Zayn can’t be trusted. While it may appear that The Bloodline is manipulating him, it may be the opposite. The Great Liberator could be plotting against Roman Reigns.

Sami should win the WWE Money in the Bank briefcase just for the sake of this story. Will he really not cash in on Roman? Will Roman have to start watching his back for Zayn? Can he be trusted? These questions make for compelling television.

For now, all the WWE Universe can do is wait and see. If Sami does win the briefcase, fans will be hooked to see what he’ll do next.

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