“I would love to” – Liv Morgan expresses her interest in taking a finisher from multi-time world champion


WWE superstar Liv Morgan said she would be interested in taking an RKO from Randy Orton.

Fans growing up are curious to execute the moves that are shown on WWE Programming. Moves such as Chokeslam, Batista Bomb and more were performed by the WWE Universe while growing up. Morgan is from a generation who adores the Rutheless Aggression.

Liv Morgan has expressed in the past her liking for the era and that she had a crush on John Cena. Speaking to the New York Post, she expressed her interest in inter-gender wrestling and would like to take an RKO from The Viper:

“It’s so iconic. Yeah, as a female I would be all about inter-gender wrestling. I would love to take an RKO from Randy [Orton.] I got one from Sonya, so that’s maybe even better.” [H/T – New York Post]

It would be interesting to see if Liv Morgan can get into the same ring as Randy Orton anytime soon. Orton was involved in an intergender match with Alexa Bliss at Fastlane 2021.

Liv Morgan took an RKO from Sonya Deville

Superstars are usually friends with their peers and often hang out together apart from work. It becomes difficult to be on the road for most of the year and in their time off they often vacation together.

Recently, Liv Morgan, Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose were seen together spending some time off on a yacht. During which, a video went viral which involved Sonya Deville performing an RKO on Morgan. In the same interview, she was asked about her trip and the move performed on her:

A couple of things you didn’t see, a couple of things I can’t tell you about. We got a yacht and Sonya was so nice… So she wanted to give me an RKO, which I’d never taken before and she gave it to me, and honestly I hurt my knee so bad. (Laughs) You can’t tell in the video. I hurt my knee so bad, but I’m fine now. But I banged it on the yacht. I always kind of wanted to low-key take an RKO, so that was cool. [H/T – New York Post]

Fans loved watching the two superstars perform the moves to perfect execution. The video went viral and received praise from the world of wrestling.

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