Paul Heyman believes Roman Reigns “would love to smash” top WWE star

Paul Heyman has given his take on a potential clash between Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes.

During a recent interview with Brian Kae, Heyman was asked if there was a sense of relief in The Bloodline camp after Rhodes’ injury forced him to miss this year’s Men’s Money in the Bank ladder match.

In response, the Special Counsel confidently claimed that Reigns would love to “smash” The American Nightmare.

“What makes anybody think that Roman Reigns wasn’t looking forward to stepping into the ring with Cody Rhodes? I mean, a champion’s is only as great as a challengers he turns back. Cody Rhodes is a viable challenger and therefore Cody Rhodes would be someone Roman Reigns would love to smash.” said Heyman.

Watch Paul Heyman’s take on a potential match between Reigns and Rhodes:

Cody Rhodes previously hailed Roman Reigns as the “best in the world”

Rhodes and Reigns are yet to cross paths with each other since the return of The American Nightmare.

While Rhodes is no stranger to Reigns’ former Shield teammate Seth Rollins, the former Intercontinental Champion also wasn’t shy of giving his brutally honest take on The Tribal Chief.

Speaking on Sports Illustrated in a recent interview, Rhodes labeled Reigns as “incredible”.

“Roman Reigns and I, we haven’t had any interactions yet. We haven’t crossed paths in the ring. I’ve seen enough to know he is incredible, and even better when you see him up close. So this isn’t the easiest path I’ve chosen. But I know I can do this.” said Cody Rhodes

The American Nightmare further praised The Head of the Table for holding the WWE Championship, admitting that the title is the biggest title in the industry right now.

“The difference between the two best wrestlers in the world is that one has both titles to prove it. The WWE championship is the biggest title in the game. That’s never been in dispute, and that’s not a knock on any title anywhere else. The way to define the best in the world is the one holding the belt, and that’s Roman Reigns,”

Rhodes’ last match in WWE was his iconic Hell in a Cell clash against Seth Rollins, a match that the former won with a torn pectoral muscle.

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