WWE newcomer potentially drops subtle hint with Roman Reigns poster

Logan Paul is officially a WWE Superstar and mere moments after signing his contract with the company, he was seen posing with a poster of Roman Reigns.

WWE headquarters has pictures of every current champion, but it appears that Paul only wanted to single out The Tribal Chief.

Paul signed with the company earlier today and their official website has since released a full photoshoot of the YouTube sensation at their headquarters. In the photos, Paul is seen posing with the Andre The Giant statue and signing his contract. However, the only current champion he appeared to give special focus to was Roman Reigns.

It’s unclear if Logan Paul has singled out Roman Reigns’ image on the wall of champions for a specific reason or if this is what he now aspires to be following his signing.

Logan Paul has someone else in his sights other than Roman Reigns

Logan Paul teamed up with The Miz back at WrestleMania 38 and the two men were able to secure a massive win over The Mysterios. Rey Mysterio was pinned by The Miz to end the match, but despite fighting alongside his partner the entire bout, Paul still received a Skull Crushing Finale afterwards.

This past week on RAW, The Miz commented on Paul. The former WWE Champion teased his return to the company and seemed to believe that he and the YouTube star would team together at SummerSlam once again.

Paul himself seemed to respond to this as part of his official signing with WWE earlier today. As seen from the short video above, Paul wants some revenge on The Miz and could choose to make a statement against The A-Lister at The Biggest Party of The Summer on July 30th.

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