Money in the Bank 2022: 5 things WWE must consider before booking the winners

WWE’s Money in the Bank premium live event is almost upon us. Fans are waiting with bated breath to see which superstars come out on top in the various matches on the stacked card.

The event’s highlight, of course, will be the ladder matches for the men’s and women’s Money in the Bank contracts. The briefcase is a ticket that allows the winner to challenge the top champion anytime, anywhere for up to a year.

While the scramble for the Money in the Bank briefcase is exciting, the recent winners have not achieved anything significant. They couldn’t make the most of the career-changing opportunity.

On that note, here are five things WWE must ensure so that the 2022 Money in the Bank winners have a significant impact on the title scene, unlike those of the past couple of years.

#1 Don’t book a winner just for shock value

Money in the Bank briefcase cash-ins are notorious for the shock value they possess. It is one of the reasons why the concept is a hit to this day. However, the winner’s subsequent storyline is of utmost importance, something that WWE has not exactly gotten right in the last couple of years.

The shock factor has taken precedence over the company’s storytelling ability when it comes to Money in the Bank. The biggest example of this was Otis’ win in 2020. The briefcase fell into his hands, earning a few laughs, but the company’s lack of plans meant he lost the briefcase to The Miz.

Sheamus also suffered a similar fate with the briefcase. He won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship by stunning Reigns with a contract cash-in. However, he lost the title within a month. It seemed like the creative had run out of ideas for Sheamus as champion.

Hopefully this year, WWE has a proper graph laid out for the MITB winner.

#2 Use the men’s briefcase creatively if Roman Reigns is not dropping the WWE title

Roman Reigns doesn’t seem like he is going to drop the Undisputed Universal Championship anytime soon. The Head of the Table has steamrolled every opponent in his way and is yearning for worthy challengers.

Reigns could remain on top at least until WrestleMania 39, where he could have the hotly-anticipated potential match against The Rock.

If this is the case, WWE must use the Money in the Bank briefcase creatively. Fans would be upset if the contract winner challenges the champion in a losing effort. However, they’d be more upset if the briefcase winner’s bout against Roman Reigns doesn’t do anything for their character development.

‘The Honorary Uce’ Sami Zayn could win the contract and let it expire as an act of allegiance to The Bloodline. He can also turn babyface and challenge Reigns and lose.

Meanwhile, Seth Rollins can cash in the briefcase and lose due to his overconfidence. He is somewhat in those stages, having defeated both Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns multiple times. He’d be ‘Freakin’ out more than usual after the failed cash-in.

#3 The women’s winner should hold the briefcase for a few months

The Women’s Revolution has seen female superstars compete in ladder matches for the MITB briefcase. While WWE has done a great job with these matches, there are still things that they need to consider going forward.

Except for Carmella, every women’s Money in the Bank ladder match winner has cashed in the briefcase at the same event or the RAW afterwards. It has become a lazy trope, which is failing to impress the fans.

WWE can add more spice to the women’s storylines with the help of the briefcase. One way is by Miss Money in the Bank teasing a cash-in multiple times. This will add layers to Ronda Rousey and Bianca Belair’s Women’s Championship feuds while also creating suspense.

Both superstars would have to be wary of the threat and when the opportunity strikes, Miss Money in the Bank can catch either of them unaware.

#4 A concrete idea for the Money in the Bank 2022 cash-in

It would be nice if there were a few more concrete ideas about where and when the cash-ins should occur. That way, the winner can get a steady push if they need it, and we can expect a more meaningful outcome as a result.

The biggest mistake WWE makes is that they don’t build up the contract cash-in properly leading up to the actual event. The company should focus on long-term planning for the Money in the Bank winners, ensuring they organically fit into the world title picture at the right time.

Big E is the perfect example of a cash-in that was rushed. WWE wanted to pop the ratings of RAW to compete with the Monday Night Football kick-off. It led to an unfulfilling world title reign for the New Day member.

#5 Push the winner even after their subsequent title reign in WWE

Over the years, Money in the Bank has proven to elevate several WWE Superstars from the mid-card to the main event scene. This has afforded the likes of Edge, CM Punk, and Seth Rollins breakthroughs for the same. All three of them would become megastars in the aftermath of their respective cash-ins.

However, recent results have been falling short, and Money in the Bank has barely produced a long-term star in a while. Consider the case of Nikki A.S.H. and Big E. They won MITB briefcase and held the title. Both continued to be promising champions. However, when the gold left their hands, they reverted to the mid-card.

Big E’s case was especially unfortunate, as he was primed to become the top star on RAW. He was moved back to SmackDown and reunited with Kofi Kingston. Hopefully, WWE allows this year’s Money in the Bank winners to remain in the top tier and strive to maintain that position. Otherwise, winning the contract would be pointless.

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