‘The greatest in-cage entrance in MMA history’ – Former WWE Champion on Israel Adesanya’s Undertaker walkout (Exclusive)


In an exclusive quote, former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio furnished an immense amount of praise on Israel Adesanya’s Undertaker entrance. So much so that he dubbed it the greatest in-cage entrance in MMA history.

As our readers are doubtless aware, Israel Adesanya and Jared Cannonier clashed in the main event of UFC 276. Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, and Pat McAfee were at ringside to witness the spectacle unfold. Out of nowhere, the chilling gong left the crowd spellbound.

Former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio is also the voice of the UFC in the Spanish language. Sportskeeda Wrestling reached out to the crossover MMA and pro wrestling star for a quote. Turns out he was just as excited as the rest of the fandom was:

“It was the greatest in-cage entrance in MMA history. The Undertaker’s music took the experience to whole different level,” said El Patron.

The fight went the distance, and the UFC Middleweight Champion retained his title after the contest. What’s incredible is that WWE hosted the Money in the Bank premium live event from Las Vegas on the very same night.

Israel Adesanya is not the only MMA fighter to use a WWE theme

Previously, Colby Covington used Kurt Angle’s theme song as his war cry, marching into the octagon with immense power and gusto. The crowd, obviously well-versed with the Attitude Era, greeted him with chants of ‘You Suck.’

Of course, who can forget CM Punk using his trademark ‘Cult of Personality’ theme song during his UFC run?

But at the very same event, ie. UFC 276, Jessica-Rose Clark walked out to the ring to Shawn Michaels’ theme as well.

The multiverse of music is real. The constant crossover between these two sports will ensure that the practice of using WWE themes in the UFC remains a constant.

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