“I wanted it to go even darker” – Alexa Bliss claims that she wanted her gimmick to take a darker turn


WWE star Alexa Bliss has admitted that she wanted the Lilly Doll’s character to turn even darker than it already was.

The Lilly Doll has been an accessory to Alexa’s character ever since she adopted The Fiend-style gimmick, which was derived from Bray Wyatt.

Speaking on Out of Character with Ryan Satin, Bliss mentioned that she had already prepared a different and darker version of Lily. Eventually, those plans were changed by the creative team:

“I wanted it to go even darker, even deeper and I had Jason come out with a sketch and prototype of a different version of Lily which would have been super cool, but obviously creative things always change. I still hope there’s a new version of Lily one day, but will see.” (19:27- 19:48)

The former RAW Women’s Champion was more recently unsuccessful in her attempt to win the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder match.

Alexa Bliss spoke about the negative comments that her former gimmick had to face

Alexa Bliss further spoke about the hate that she received for her former gimmick.

In continuation of the same conversation on Out of Character, Little Miss Bliss mentioned that she had received hate for her former persona. She expressed that she chose to ignore it, stating:

“Anything with the Playground Alexa-Lilly stuff, there are so many negative comments. So many negative comments from the day I started till even now. People just hate on it so much. But when I was in that persona, I didn’t care.”

Bliss further added that people were buying Lilly Dolls and she was paying attention to that. Simultaneously, her character faced many negative comments on Twitter. Little Miss Bliss added:

“People were investing. They were buying the Lilly dolls. Girls were dressing up as ‘Dark Alexa.’ Guys and girls. That’s what I pay attention to.” Alexa Bliss continued, “I don’t pay attention a lot to the negative comments on wrestling Twitter because I feel like… there’s ego to Twitter sometimes when you’re looking to read negative stuff. Because I feel like 90% of it is negative.”

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