yearKevin Owens sends WWE a message after missing out on Money in the Bank

Former Universal Champion Kevin Owens sent WWE a message following the Money in the Bank premium live event.

Last week, Owens was set to face Ezekiel in a qualifying match for a spot in the men’s MITB ladder match. But owing to a ‘minor situation,’ the match did not transpire. The Prizefighter was also not present on SmackDown as the final participant at this year’s men’s ladder match was determined.

During Money in the Bank, WWE aired a video package on Kevin Owens’ history in ladder matches and how he has been a high-flying risk-taker in such situations.

Following the event, The Prizefighter stated that he liked the video package, and apparently, his father also watched and liked it.

“Hey @WWE, I liked that video package you guys aired about me. My dad also liked it. Thanks!” Owens tweeted.

Owens then added to his tweet by posting a picture of himself alongside his father, possibly watching the premium live event:

Check out the results of Money in the Bank HERE.

How did Twitter react to Kevin Owens’ tweet?

Many fans shared hilarious responses to the former Universal Champion’s tweet.

During MITB, WWE shared another cryptic vignette that hinted at the return of a superstar. One fan shared an image of Dawkins looking shocked with the caption ‘which one,’ about which video KO was talking about:

One fan shared a post stating that video packages like this remind fans not to forget huge superstars like Kevin Owens:

Another fan teased Owens by sharing a gif of Ezekiel stating that the latter also liked the video:

There has been no news from WWE or Kevin Owens on why he was absent from last week’s shows. Hopefully, the fans will get an answer during KO’s next appearance on the weekly programming.

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