“Unless they bring back Bray Wyatt” – Veteran says WWE will not find a main eventer for three more years (Exclusive)

Vince Russo does not foresee WWE developing new main event talent for the next three years during the latest episode of “Writing with Russo.”

The former WWE writer spoke about the lack of top stars in the company and felt the only solution was to get back former talents like Bray Wyatt.

He blamed the officials for their ongoing creative problems and noted that the promotion had failed to create a deep and compelling roster of wrestlers. Bray Wyatt, a three-time world champion, was shockingly released in July 2021, and many believe he could be on his way back to the company.

Russo urged the Stamford-based promotion to consider re-signing some of the well-known superstars that were let go as part of the budget cuts:

“You’ve dug yourself in such a deep hole now because you’re not going to mean anything over; you could be talking about three years before you have the next main eventer,” stated Russo. “Unless, bro, they [WWE] bring back Bray Wyatt, and they strap a rocket on his back or something like that, but if it’s business as usual, you could be talking for three years till you have someone that comes along, that is; believable.” [7:07 – 7:36]

Vince Russo comments on WWE’s reliance on part-timers

The upcoming SummerSlam premium live event will feature several familiar names who’ve not had regular appearances on TV. Brock Lesnar will take on Roman Reigns for the seventh time, while John Cena will reportedly wrestle in his first match in almost a year.

Vince Russo said that the return of part-timers like Cena and Lesnar highlights a long-standing issue:

“But again, bro, Chris, we’re talking about what we’re down to. We’re going to Reigns and Lesnar again because there is nothing,” added Vince. “We’re bringing back Cena because there is nothing.” [6:23 – 6:30]

According to Vince Russo, Mr. McMahon’s team has been careful not to create more megastars as they don’t want the talent to become more prominent than the company itself.

He criticized WWE’s approach towards grooming potential main event superstars and felt they were suffering the consequences of their own ill-timed decisions.

“That’s the problem, bro, that they have created themselves. We’ve been talking about this for years, Chris. We’ve been talking about this since they started the show,” By design, nobody was going to be bigger than the WWE. That was their design. Okay, bro, you’ve done that, and how has that worked out for you?” [6:43 – 7:01]

WWE has removed several big-name stars from television due to injuries and other unforeseen circumstances. It seems like the return of Bray Wyatt and other former headliners might be the only way to bolster the top half of the card heading into next year’s WrestleMania.

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