“He has got to” – WWE veteran hopes Dominik Mysterio turns heel and joins Judgment Day (Exclusive)

Former WWE head writer Vince Russo hopes to see Dominik Mysterio turn heel and join Judgment Day at SummerSlam.

It hasn’t been long since WWE introduced Judgment Day on RAW, and the faction has already experienced multiple changes to its lineup. Last week on RAW, the sinister group teased recruiting the Young Mysterio into their ranks.

While reviewing this week’s Monday Night Show on Sportskeeda’s Legion of RAW, host, Dr. Chris Featherstone asked Vince Russo if Dominik should change his character and align himself with Judgment Day. The veteran responded affirmatively.

“I think he has got to, bro. Something has got to give,” said Vince Russo. “You’ve got to do something, and I would hope so [that Dominik turns heel and joins Judgment Day].” [14:12 – 14:30]

Dominik’s WWE career hasn’t truly taken off despite being signed for almost two years. Hence, Russo believes that the Young Mysterio adopting a new gimmick as a Judgment Day member would be the ideal move from a creative standpoint.

Vince Russo comments on the finish of Judgment Day vs. Mysterios on WWE RAW

This week, Judgment Day’s Finn Balor & Damian Priest faced off against Rey and Dominik Mysterio.

The Mysterios paid homage to Eddie Guerrero by seemingly cheating their way to a disqualification victory. Vince Russo admitted that despite the tribute to the late Hall of Famer, he wasn’t a fan of the match’s finish.

Vince Russo stated that he wasn’t a regular viewer during the early 2000s when Eddie became a top face despite utilizing several underhanded tactics during his matches. The former WWE writer didn’t enjoy seeing the good guys in Dominik and Rey trying to “bail out” of their match on RAW, as he briefly explained below:

“Here’s what I didn’t like, Chris. Why are the babyfaces taking a win that way? It’s almost like they were trying to bail out of the match because they couldn’t beat Judgment Day. I mean, that’s a way that a heel should take a victory. I just don’t think that finish worked with babyfaces, bro,” noted Russo. [12:30 – 12:55]

Judgment Day and The Mysterios will likely clash again, and Dominik could potentially betray his father and kickstart a highly-anticipated run as a heel. Fans will have to stay tuned to find out what is next in this saga.

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