That’s a wrap” – Paige announces official WWE departure


It’s time for Saraya to say goodbye to Paige as her WWE contract officially expires tomorrow.

The 29-year-old announced last month on social media that her WWE contract was expiring on July 7, which is tomorrow. Her impending departure already has fans talking about her potential future in professional wrestling.

The soon-to-be-former WWE Superstar took to social media this morning to say goodbye to the company she’s spent a good portion of her life with, tweeting out:

“That’s a wrap @WWE see ya again some time! Thanks everyone for the support before, during and now after! Let’s see what the future holds! And thanks @PlayersTribune for this awesome goodbye letter,” Paige said in a tweet.

Paige’s goodbye letter to WWE is a roller coaster of emotions

Many wrestlers have recently taken to writing intimate pieces for The Player’s Tribune. Paige has joined the likes of Eddie Kingston, Renee Paquette, and The Icon Sting in opening up on the site. For her piece, the Anti-Diva chose to pen an emotional goodbye.

Paige’s letter is a heartfelt farewell to the WWE chapter of her life. However, it also paints an optimistic outlook on her future. Of her love for the company she’s leaving, she wrote:

“I’ve been Paige for over 11 years. For my entire adult life, I’ve been with WWE. And while I’ve changed a lot over that time, one thing feels the same to me today as it did back on the day I tried out: the thrill of those three letters. WWE — those three letters have given so much to me. In many ways, they’ve come to define me. And they’ve never lost their meaning.”

She went on to thank AJ Lee, The Bella Twins, Natalya and countless others who helped her during her time in WWE. She also personally thanked the company, which backed her at the lowest point in her life and helped her get back on her feet:

“They [WWE] got me the help I needed when I needed help, and they gave me the time and space I needed when I needed time and space. They even gave me a full segment on Raw to announce my in-ring retirement. I’ll cherish that for the rest of my life.”

The woman now known as Saraya spent over a decade signed to a WWE contract. Still, it feels like yesterday to many that she made her debut on RAW following WrestleMania 30 and defeated AJ Lee to become Divas Champion.

What’s next for her is anybody’s guess, but we’re certain whatever she chooses to do will be memorable for her and wrestling fans everywhere.

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