“He Didn’t Have a Bone in His Body”: The Undertaker Had an Insane Drunk Encounter With WWE Legend

The Undertaker is regarded as one of the kindest souls in any locker room, whether it be Raw or SmackDown. The Deadman has always been great with other wrestlers, whether it be inside or outside the wrestling ring.

His dedication and motivation toward wrestling clearly show his work ethic with his fellow wrestlers. There have been multiple interviews where industry veterans or WWE/WCW legends or modern superstars praise Mark Calaway more than The Undertaker. So it was no surprise that after hanging up the boots at this year’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony, we would get to see a different side of The Phenom.

And this side is his real self, Mark Calaway. And the recent episode of Table of 3 is a perfect introduction to the man behind the hat and the urn. Along with his buddies from the Bone Street Krew, The Undertaker reminisces about his days in the company.

The Undertaker’s hilarious story about a drunk Mideon

Reminiscing about carrying a drunken Mideon, The Undertaker said, “Now I gotta load him [Mideon] up. That’s 315 pounds of chewed bubblegum. It’s like how little kids play with slime. It’s like he didn’t have a bone in his body. So, I get him in the car and I’m trying to hold him against the wall and I’m trying to work the key. I’m even yelling for you [Henry Godwin] and I ain’t got no response.

I’ve got him and I’m dragging at this point. I get him to the bed and I’m like, what the hell is that smell? I look between the beds and this one [Henry Godwin] had puked between the beds. And his partial was out.

So, there’s a big pile of his puke and a pair of teeth sitting in it. I throw the sloth in his bed, and I’m like, let’s just leave that. But no, I go get some crap and I go pick his teeth up out of the throw-up and clean them and set them on the nightstand.

The Undertaker and the Ministry of Darkness

The friendship between The Undertaker and Mideon started when the latter joined his new stable, The Ministry of Darkness. Being a member of the Ministry, Mideon became the European Champion for the first time.

While this stable got into some of the weirdest storylines in wrestling history, The Undertaker and Stephanie McMahon marrying in a dark ceremony launched a lot of careers. Tell us about some of your favorite The Ministry of Darkness storylines in the comments below.

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