“It’s a Big Deal”: Dwayne Johnson Once Revealed Secrets of His Personal Gym That Millions Are Eager to Know

The highest-paid Hollywood actor, Dwayne Johnson, has become a bodybuilding icon since his transformation post-2011. The Rock takes his regular workout seriously and has a strict schedule for the same.

Even though Johnson is filming a movie elsewhere, he never keeps a workout out of his schedule. He carries his massive gym everywhere he travels for filming so that he can lift those weights at four in the morning.

Sometime back in 2017, Dwayne Johnson gave the reason he travels with all of his gym and how he carries it everywhere. This came during one of the episodes of The Late Late Show with James Corden, which was hosted by Bryan Cranston, who is famous for his role as Walter White on the Netflix hit series, Breaking Bad, and actor Jack Black was also present.

The Rock said, “I do, as the matter of fact because training in public gyms just became too much of a crazy zoo. So everywhere I go including Hawaii.”

“Me and 24-hour fitness turns into this circus. So stop that.”

He further added, “So I figured out was the easiest thing to do was to just create a gym and make sure that travels with me everywhere I go because then it eliminates excuses and you were there in Hawaii.”

It is clear that the former WWE Champion will not give any excuse for not working out. He likes to be ready and look pumped while he filming any movie or is out on a vacation.

How does Dwayne Johnson carry his gym?

Dwayne Johnson is a gym freak who loves working out on a daily basis. There is not a single day Johnson does not train his muscles. He revealed on the show how he carries his gym wherever he goes.

Johnson said, “That I have, there’s a few gyms that I have. Like that’s in LA and I have one on Florida and then I have a traveling one. All these equipments comes to as well. There are like multiple 18 wheelers, its a big deal big crew that brings it up.”

He added, “They work their a**es off and set it up, but again for me it becomes my anchor. So I’m up at 4 o’clock in the morning or 5 before I go into work.”

The Jumanji actor claimed because of carrying his gyms all around, he gets to work out hassle-free. Henceforth, Johnson gets motivated every morning before starting the day.

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