Triple H’s Former Comrade Surprisingly Dwarfs Brock Lesnar in Rare Photo

An athlete like Brock Lesnar, who is over 280lbs, almost 6.5ft, and is quick in the ring, comes once in a generation. All these qualities indeed make Lesnar The Beast Incarnate in the world of professional wrestling and in combat sports.

Lesnar has always spoken less about his private life and likes to keep it away from the limelight. Moreover, he does indulge with anybody unless necessary, but he is known to be one of the friendly individuals in the WWE locker room.


Even though Brock Lesnar is a private person and stays away from social media, there are few pictures of him with other WWE superstars. Recently, a wrestling fan page on Instagram Wrestling Rare shared a picture of Lesnar with WWE Hall of Famer Billy Gunn.

The fan page owner had The Beast making a weird face in the picture. A face like if someone has stopped him while he was saying something. The admin has also compared their height by calling Gunn taller than Brock Lesnar.


Surprisingly, even though Gunn is looking taller than ‘The Beast’, in reality, both have the same height of 6.3ft. The admin shed a light on how Billy Gunn is an underrated wrestler and his tag team, The New Age Outlaws, is a favorite of the admin and is one of the best in WWE.

They might take this picture between the years 2012 to 2015. The reason being that Lesnar had returned in 2012, and around the same time, The New Age Outlaws were also active on the roster and won the tag team championships.

Brock Lesnar is still an active WWE superstar on the roster. His next match is at SummerSlam against Roman Reigns later this month. Billy Gunn, who has made an amazing body transformation at the age of 58-years old, is signed with AEW.

Why did Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Brock Lesnar never happen in 2002?

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Brock Lesnar were on a collision course quite often. While they never fought, they teased fans with a brawl on SmackDown that had the WWE Universe craving to see them share the ring in a 1 on 1 match.

WWE saw potential and booked them for the King of the Ring in 2002. They booked Stone Cold to lose, but he refused to take the pin against a newcomer without a proper storyline between the two. Austin was a veteran in the company at the time and never worked without a proper build-up.

A decade later, when Brock Lesnar appeared on Stone Cold’s show. They talked about this and Austin felt he should have had that match. Also, Lesnar held no grudges, as he knew what Austin’s mindset was and he thought it was best for business.

Would you like to see Austin vs Lesnar? Who would have won the match between them? Share your opinion below.

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