“Took Me Off My Game”: Tom Brady’s Former Teammate Taught Brock Lesnar a Valuable Lesson That Changed His Career Forever

Brock Lesnar has achieved all success in the world of mixed martial arts and professional wrestling. The world knows about Lesnar and his exceptional accolades in every type of wrestling he has been in.

We have seen The Beast Incarnate win every major match he has headed into. However, back in his college wrestling days, Lesnar had lost the NCAA Division 1 finals in 1999 against Stephen Neal, who is a former NFL star and Tom Brady’s teammate.

Brock Lesnar, in his autobiography ‘Death Clutch – My Story of Determination, Domination, and Survival’, stated that his loss to Stephen Neal had made him devastated. Lesnar had trained hard for the 1999 NCAA Division 1 tournament. But in the NCAA finals, he lost to Neal by 3–2.

Lesnar wrote in the autobiography about what people said to him after losing the finals, such as how it is an honor to make it to the finals, and he should feel privileged to be able to compete at such a level.

Lesnar was a star among the college team, and they often told him he was going to win the championship. However, this loss, which came in the finals, didn’t sit well with the future UFC Champion.

Lesnar in his book said, “I had so much respect for Neal. He was the NCAA National Champion. It changed the way I approached the match. It took me off my game. I thought he was better than he really was.”

The WWE Superstar thought about that 3–2 loss a lot, and he finally realized that he was never going to win the biggest prizes by showing that kind of respect to any opponent again. Since that day, if someone wants Lesnar’s respect, they better beat him and defeat him, and that’s the only way, according to him.

How devastating was this loss to Stephen Neal for Brock Lesnar?

Brock Lesnar stated he wasn’t himself for a while after his loss against the former NFL star Stephen Neal in NCAA Division 1 tournament 1999. He lost in the finals, which made him devastated. Furthermore, he gave his take to the loss in his autobiography.

Lesnar said, “I hated losing to Neal. If you think I was consumed with getting that loss back from Frank Mir during my professional career, you should have seen me after lost in the finals of the 1999 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships.”

Nonetheless, Lesnar took this loss as a learning for future and trained hard for next year’s tournament. With this new attitude, Lesnar competed in amateur wrestling for the University of Minnesota, winning the NCAA Division I national championship in 2000 and soon signed with the WWE. And the rest was history as clearly everything worked out for him on pro wrestling and later in UFC as well.

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