The Undertaker’s Real Mother is Alive, Reveals What He Was Like as a Kid

The Undertaker is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and notable wrestlers of all time. Many wrestling fans found him to be so authentic due to his commitment to upholding his persona. You must recall Taker’s villainous days if you’re a WWE fan. Moreover, Taker’s history as a heel included the fact that he had set his parents’ funeral house on fire intentionally, killing his parents and his younger brother Kane in the process.

Paul Bearer shared a story from when The Deadman was still a young man on a WWE Raw episode. According to the story, Taker started a fire at the funeral house where he was raised. Bearer (Kane’s Kayfabe Father), who had saved his son and bring him back to life, later went to get revenge on Taker.

It’s noteworthy that even though The Deadman said it was an accident, he didn’t deny the revelation. Following this revelation, Taker was considered the villain for this, and the WWE audience continued to believe that this had occurred, with Taker being portrayed as the real villain.

However, the reality is that WWE had developed several plotlines to grab viewers’ attention; this one was one of them and it was designed to enhance the realism and fear of his persona. His mother, who is still alive, did contribute to his biography and share some insights about his early life.

How was the Undertaker as a kid?

The stories of his real-life events and his real-life persona are foreign to wrestling fans. However, his upcoming biography will provide his admirers a glimpse into his real-life experiences and personality. WWE shared a first glimpse at The Deadman’s biography just prior to its release. In the video, Taker and his mother recalled his childhood.

Talking about his childhood, he stated, ‘I had a pretty normal childhood. People ask me all the time, what led me down this dark path if digging holes and taking souls, there wasn’t anything. My parents are salt of the earth people. My mom was a stay-at-home mom raised five boys, bless her heart.”

Moreover, he asked his mom how he was as a child. Taker’s mother replied, “You were very good.” Taker jokingly added, “That’s why you all had five [Son’s], right? It took you five times to get it right?” She replied, “Yeah, then I quit.”

It is clear from the video that Taker and his mother have a close relationship, contrary to what many fans had assumed over the years. It will also be interesting to see the biography to know more about his life.

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