Former WWE Star Claims John Cena is Involved in a NDA Alongside Vince McMahon

Since the investigation over the allegations against Vince McMahon has begun, many people came forward to share their thoughts on the same. Many have expressed their opinions on social media about McMahon, and many took a shot at the former WWE chairperson.

One such individual is former WWE Superstar Ryback, who has posted a series of tweets since WWE released him.

Recently, Ryback is posting ample tweets after Vince McMahon‘s recent news Wall Street Journal. The former WWE Superstar has kept attacking McMahon over Twitter for a long time.

In his most recent tweet, Ryback shed a light on the NDA agreement of WWE. However, this time he took a shot at 16-time world champion John Cena along with McMahon.


The former Intercontinental Champion referred ‘A-Ry’ in his tweet. By this, he means former WWE Superstar Alex Riley, who has always blamed John Cena for his departure from the company. Ryback in his tweet has referred to an old meeting between McMahon and Cena over Riley’s NDA agreement.

We mostly remembered Alex Riley for his alliance with The Miz during ‘The A-Listers’ run as the WWE Champion. He performed as Miz’s tag team partner and manager. Riley also had a feud with The Miz and became a singles competitor. WWE released him in 2016.

We last saw Vince McMahon enjoying the main event of the recent UFC276 show. As of now, his daughter Stephanie McMahon is the interim chairperson of WWE, as her father has stepped down over the ongoing investigations.

Ryback previously took a shot at Vince McMahon over WWE’s NDA agreement

When the news of the investigation on the allegations against Vince McMahon broke, the wrestling world was shocked. Furthermore, there were many comments on social media, and Ryback also shared a tweet.

In his first tweet, he talked about the Non-Disclosure Agreement of WWE and is glad that he didn’t sign any of it. Ryback didn’t stop here, and he has tweeted about Mr. McMahon multiple times since then.


The former WWE star is also currently in dispute with WWE over the trademark of the character Ryback. WWE has sent him multiple notices to stop using the name for personal endorsements. However, Ryback has decided to fight back as he claims to own the trademark for the character.

However, what are your thoughts on Ryback’s comments on Vince McMahon?

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