Best and Worst of RAW: 25-year-veteran delivers in a big way, Champion loses first singles match in 2022

It was the third-last episode of RAW before SummerSlam 2022. Next week will mark the penultimate show, and it’s no surprise that the Red brand as a whole has been delivering more in the build-up to the show.

SmackDown was weak a few days back, and unfortunately, RAW also had a lot of weak points this time around as well. With that said, we had a great opening segment and a great main event and the latter certainly makes up for the worst aspects of the show.

So what were the ups and downs of the RAW this week?

#3. Best: R-Truth always delivers

R-Truth is an entertainer in every sense of the word. There’s a reason why he was never released despite not being as frequently featured as superstars who were on the chopping block.

Overall, he will be remembered fondly when he retires because he is entertaining. This week, he offered to be the special guest referee for the undisputed tag team title match at SummerSlam. He even listed his qualifications.

He likely won’t be the referee as WWE seems to be building it up as a surprise. Either way, R-Truth’s appearance was far better than the match as he and The Street Profits lost to Omos and The Usos.

#3. Worst: Bianca Belair losing on RAW



It’s rare to see Bianca Belair lose, let alone a singles match. She lost to Carmella via a count-out. Thanks to Becky Lynch at ringside who helped Carmella pick up the win. This marked Belair’s first televised singles loss in 2022, and her first TV singles loss since early November 2021. That makes it 9 months since it happened – showing you exactly how much she is protected.

While it was a bit of a chaotic and bizarre way to lose the match, the objective was to seemingly establish a triple-threat dynamic heading into SummerSlam 2022.

#2. Best: Dolph Ziggler and a solid main event on RAW


Dolph Ziggler made his surprise return in the middle of the RAW main event as Riddle and Bobby Lashley teamed up to face Theory and Seth Rollins. It was interesting to see because he seemingly had no role to play, but he certainly had a target in mind – Theory.

This resulted in him interfering and directly impacting the main event as he prevented Theory from cheating and assisted the babyfaces for their win on RAW. He superkicked Theory to close the show and turned face in the process.

It was a good way to end the show and a refreshing character change for Ziggler.

#1. Worst: The entire Miz TV and match fiasco

The Miz TV episode seemed to be a fiasco and the segment involving AJ Styles made little sense. Ezekiel’s presence wasn’t needed and it added nothing to the story.

Overall, despite having three incredible performers in Styles, Miz, and Ciampa, this segment and match flopped as hard as it could have. Hopefully, Logan Paul’s return can add a breath of fresh air.

#1. Best: Brock Lesnar and the future feud tease

Brock Lesnar’s appearances aren’t always necessarily entertaining, but he has become a much more captivating character ever since he turned face and has been without Paul Heyman.

Now the only thing that needs to change for Lesnar is his opponent. Granted, SummerSlam will be the seventh and final time that he faces Roman Reigns, but there needs to be a change.

A tease of his feud against Theory was a good change, and hopefully, there are bigger and better things for The Beast Incarnate. He is doing the best character work of his career, only for it to be wasted on the same feud over and over again.

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