“Still Out of His Mind”: WWE Fans Go Berserk as Brock Lesnar Assaults Former US Olympian and 330lbs Wrestler

The Beast Incarnate is challenging The Tribal Chief once again at this SummerSlam. And many WWE fans are eagerly waiting to see two of the sport’s finest competitors lock horns after WrestleMania 38. It was revealed on last week’s RAW, that Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns would compete in the Last Man Standing match at SummerSlam.

There has been animosity between the two of them for quite a while. But Lesnar took some time off from the WWE scene. However, in the most recent RAW episode, The Beast Incarnate made a comeback to WWE, which obviously generated excitement.

The recent episode of RAW kicked off with Lesnar making his WWE return. Moreover, while addressing the WWE audience, he labeled Reigns as a ‘Tribal Hog’ and mentioned that he would slaughter him at the SummerSlam. In case you don’t know, this was a reference to Lesnar slaughtering his hog at his own farm.

While all this was going on, Paul Heyman appeared and claimed vehemently that The Beast will be unable to stop Reigns’ 700-day winning run. Austin Theory, the Money in the Bank champion, also stopped by to discuss the SummerSlam. In addition, Alpha Academy arrived to assault Lesnar.

However, Lesnar countered with some vicious attacks, delivering 330-pound former US Olympian Otis with a stunning F5 that attracted millions of viewers. Since it is difficult to lift a guy of Otis’ size through a table, it is amazing how easily Lesnar did it. Obviously, it became a hot topic of discussion.

The F5 of Brock Lesnar caused a stir in the WWE universe

In his illustrious wrestling career, The Beast Incarnation had delivered F5 too many WWE superstars. Additionally, it is the most iconic finisher of all times. As he delivered F5 to giant Otis, it caused a stir since he did it pretty easily. Reacting to the F5, one fan thought it was more like John Cena’s iconic Attitude Adjustment finisher.


Another admirer said Lesnar’s switchover from F5 to AA was fantastic.


Meanwhile, one Twitter user claimed that Lesnar makes everything look so intense.

Given the fact that Lesnar is 45 years old, this fan praised him for becoming stronger and better each year.

Another fan said Lesnar threw the 330 pounds Otis, like he was just 50 pounds.

Seeing Lesnar’s strength, one fan asserted that The Beast is a different breed.

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