4 WWE women who could team up with Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns and The Bloodline have been ruling WWE with an iron fist for the last two years. The villainous faction currently holds almost all the major titles on the main roster, and it looks like they can’t be stopped.

Roman Reigns’ obsession with his stable holding all the gold saw him encourage his cousins to venture to RAW and secure the red brand’s tag team championship. Now that the mission has long been accomplished, the faction could set its sights on other top titles like the Intercontinental, United States Championship, or even the Women’s Championship.

That last one is particularly intriguing. The Bloodline has no women in its ranks, so recruiting a top female superstar could see them reach greater heights. On that note, we look at four WWE women who could team up with Roman Reigns and The Bloodline.

#4. On our list of women who could join Roman Reigns: Naomi

Reigns could add another One to The Ones?
Reigns could add another One to The Ones?

This is the most obvious one if you take away the fact that Naomi is suspended. The former women’s champion is related to The Bloodline due to her marital bond with Jimmy Uso. Her joining Roman Reigns’ faction is something WWE should have tried much earlier.

Naomi has every reason to join The Bloodline. She is extremely talented and has all the tools to succeed alongside her real-life family members. Hence, Reigns can get her to sign up by promising her success and main-event relevancy.

He could also use the example of Jey Uso and the heights the latter has scaled under the tutelage of The Tribal Chief. Both parties can benefit from this potential association if the company decides to make it happen.

#3. Sasha Banks

A heel version of this picture, anyone?
A heel version of this picture, anyone?

Sasha Banks’ high-profile suspension continues to make headlines in the wrestling community. No one knows if she will return to WWE, but if she does, her character will likely be standing at crossroads.

A heel turn and alignment with Roman Reigns would be a huge statement of intent for The Boss. Someone of her pedigree would elevate The Bloodline beyond their already elite level and firmly establish them as the greatest faction of all time.

Meanwhile, The Boss can secure a couple of women’s championships, which would put her back in the main event scene.

#2. Bayley

The WWE Universe is eagerly waiting for Bayley to return from her injury. She is one of the top stars in the company and should be given the spotlight. If The Role Model does the unthinkable and joins The Bloodline, we could see an era of dominance from her end.

Bayley has always been the most underrated out of the Four Horsewomen. Her stellar work during the pandemic needs to be rewarded, and this could happen if WWE has her join Roman Reigns’ faction.

The former women’s champion becoming an Uce would be a significant leap in her career and would raise the already ridiculous standards The Bloodline has set.

#1. Charlotte Flair

We can already feel the rage building up as you read this. Charlotte Flair is not exactly the most liked WWE Superstar. Fans have criticized the company for booking her to be virtually unstoppable at all times, which is why they will be fuming if The Queen sides with The Bloodline.

Reigns thinks he is the king of WWE, so having a queen by his side would be something to watch. The amount of success The Bloodline would have with Flair in their ranks is almost unthinkable. Together, they can secure all the available titles in the company and embark on a path of unparalleled dominance.

The Queen is wrestling royalty and only looks for the best things in the business. When it comes to the best, she possibly can’t do any better than joining The Tribal Chief and his cousins.


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