“F*** the Shield” – Fan recalls unique experience as part of WWE RAW live audience

A WWE fan has posted their unique experience during this week’s episode of RAW as part of the live audience.

Live audience experiences are always unique due to the real-life presence of the WWE characters that others see on television. Audiences have been historically unpredictable in the past, with post-WrestleMania and post-Royal Rumble crowds being extremely vocal about what they like and don’t like.

On this particular episode of RAW, a Reddit poster shared their experience sitting next to an “obnoxious” group for the three hours of the show. According to the poster, the group was ready to boo almost all the usual babyfaces during their segments.

“This group was obnoxious for the entire three hours. They were determined to boo everything. Rey Mysterio? Booed. Street Profits? Booed. Riddle? Booed. AJ Styles? Booed. Bobby Lashley? Booed.”

Weirdly enough, the only two wrestlers they supposedly cheered for turned out to be two stars currently aligned as heels — Carmella and Omos.

A member of the group apparently hated Bianca Belair and insulted her.

“At one point he remarked, ‘I can’t stand that btch. Reminds me of the girls on the back of the bus in high school. Oh? The cheerleader can do a backflip? Nobody gives a sht.'”

The same fan apparently later booed Big E during advertisements that featured him, despite the former champion being out injured.

During the WWE RAW main event featuring Seth Rollins, the group booed him and then mocked The Shield.

“One of his buddies then yelled, ‘fck the SHIELD!’ Someone in the group quickly replied, ‘bring back Ambrose!’ Then the guy next to me said, ‘Fck Mox. He’s a cornball Jersey rat. Drown him in a f*cking river. He’s a rat.'”

WWE RAW and SmackDown crowds in the past have helped make or break shows

WWE crowds are acknowledged as extremely important. A crowd with good energy have made several previous shows memorable. During the ThunderDome era, fake crowd noise helped the empty arenas, but they were no match for what a real crowd sounded like, according to Jey Uso.

“I hate it, though. There is no energy. I have to draw that [energy] from either myself or my opponent. Typically, you know how it is when you walk through the curtains, and there are people [providing you with that energy]. However, now it is like dancing in an empty room instead of when it’s go-time with the people. That part I miss, because I have to draw that from within myself, Uce.”

Fans returned to arenas last year prior to SummerSlam, after spending a year-and-a-half away due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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