The Undertaker shares close friend’s epic reaction to his bold decision at WWE Hall of Fame 2022

WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker broke character on television for the first time at the Hall of Fame Induction ceremony earlier this year. He recently shared how his close friend brilliantly responded to his decision.

The Undertaker maintained kayfabe for decades before allowing WWE fans to see the real Mark Callaway – the man behind the legendary gimmick – at the Hall of Fame. He delivered a memorable speech at the ceremony that impressed his peers and fans.

Speaking to Peter Rosenberg on A&E, Taker revealed how his close friend struggled to label him after the ceremony and asked him if he was a comedian, among other things:

“I have a really close friend. He goes, ‘I’m not quite sure if you’re a stand-up comedian, a motivational speaker, or a pastor who cusses a little bit. I can’t quite label you.’ But yeah, it was fun, and everybody was really complimentary of the speech.”

You can watch The Undertaker’s full interview below:

The Phenom also shared JBL’s response to his speech the next day. He was quoted as saying:

“And JBL was really the one guy that honed in on when I saw him the next day. JBL, as big and as boisterous as he is, I could hear him from still thirty feet away from each other in the stadium, and he’s like, ‘Whoaa, what a roll of the dice.’ I did exactly what he was saying because it was and I mean, fortunately, it turned out good but it had the potential to be a real stinker but it worked out all right.” (3:30 — 4:20)

The Undertaker reveals why he was nervous before the WWE Hall of Fame speech

Although The Undertaker is glad that his risky decision with the Hall of Fame speech paid off, he admitted to being nervous ahead of the ceremony. The Phenom noted how documentaries like “The Last Ride” gave us a glimpse of his personal life.

However, he was still skeptical about presenting himself as “a 100% Mark Callaway.” He said it was a challenge to fight his instincts to keep “The Undertaker” hidden from WWE fans and let them see his real self instead.

The Undertaker was the first subject of The Biography: WWE Legends, released earlier this month.

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