4 WWE SmackDown Superstars who will benefit from a TV-14 rating

The rumors that WWE RAW will become a TV-14 show have sent fans into a frenzy. From July 18, the red show will apparently take on an edgier tone and a non-PG style. The same cannot be said for SmackDown, which will remain PG, at least for now.

The fact that RAW is set to become the first show under the WWE umbrella to revert to TV-14 is a bit surprising. However, given how SmackDown is the company’s second flagship product, there is every chance the blue show will get the same treatment at some point down the line.

Should SmackDown move from PG land, we look at four WWE Superstars on the show who would thrive in such an environment.

#4. On our list of WWE Superstars who would benefit from SmackDown going TV-14: Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey is a certified brawler and someone with legitimate fighting credentials. She will be at home in a non-PG setting, which will happen if SmackDown goes TV-14.

Rousey has been criticized for her lackluster promo skills during her WWE career. However, should she be given the freedom to get a little edgy with her language, we will see the true Baddest Woman on the Planet.

#3. The Usos

The fact that The Usos are among the best talkers in the business while operating in a PG setting is impressive. If they were to appear in an environment with more leeway for language, there’s no telling just how fiery they would become.

Jimmy and Jey Uso had flirted with suggestive content, like when they buried Xavier Woods during a rap battle. If they get the freedom to say things like that, we may have to acknowledge them as The Ones.

#2. Roman Reigns (and Paul Heyman)

Speaking of The Ones, Roman Reigns is arguably The One in WWE today. He has been the face of the company for a long time and has continued to stay relevant despite turning heel a few years ago.

Besides some eyebrow-raising talk of ‘smashing’ opponents, Reigns has been a PG heel. If SmackDown were to go TV-14, The Tribal Chief could add an extra edge to his game with some choice words and violent matches.

Given how he carries himself like a mafia boss, he would benefit immensely from a change to the complexion of the blue show.

Moreover, we can’t imagine the venomous promo Paul Heyman would spew in a TV-14 setting. He is already the best talker in the business by some distance and would be incredible with the slightest bit of freedom.

#1. Brock Lesnar

In the past, WWE gave Brock Lesnar more freedom by allowing him to swear on their PG shows. This may have been in an attempt to keep him as tough and legitimate as possible, but for the most part, he has also had to comply with the restrictions of the product.

We believe that Lesnar will massively benefit from a more mature product. Simply put, it would allow The Beast to be himself. Brock delivering the swears and the trash talk and then backing it up with devastating and violent beatdowns is the kind of in-ring action we want to see.

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