WWE Rumor Roundup – Top SmackDown star has major heat due to bad backstage behavior, Real reason Theory has been chosen over Riddle for a push, and more

Welcome back to Sportskeeda Wrestling’s daily WWE Rumor Roundup, and as always, we’ve got some huge stories lined up for today’s edition.

A top female star reportedly has massive heat with producers and writers due to her recent backstage behavior. The rumored roundup also explains why WWE has decided to push Theory over Riddle as we approach SummerSlam.

WWE’s impending shift to a TV-14 rating has also been a topic of intense debate online, with a few backstage updates on whether fans should expect any significant changes moving forward. Let’s dive into the rumor roundup.

#3. Major backstage heat on Natalya

Natalya recently turned quite a few heads when she no-sold Liv Morgan’s finisher at a live event. However, it was revealed that there is more to the story than meets the eye. RingSideNews reports that Natalya has grown a reputation for being more of a problem with writers and producers.

A long-time creative team member stated that Natalya was really difficult to work with last Friday. The situation got to a level where many writers and producers considered taking the matter up with Vince McMahon. People backstage, however, were confused about whether to talk to McMahon or “observe protocol” and inform Bruce Prichard.

Natalya has been viewed as “unprofessional,” and reports suggest she has been harassing writers and producers. The personnel behind the scenes also thought about speaking to Natalya’s husband, TJ Wilson (Tyson Kidd).

While the 3-time champion reportedly understands her role within the company, she was unhappy about being “treated like a jobber.”

It was said that while Natalya “pushed for answers,” her demeanor would change immediately after she got in front of Vince McMahon. The former SmackDown Women’s Champion apparently “babyfaces” the boss and doesn’t talk about her creative frustrations.

The producers and writers have been at their wits’ end due to Natalya’s “constant games,” and it was noted that she was not the ideal role model for younger talent. Natalya has been with WWE since 2007. It will be interesting to see if she faces any repercussions for her alleged backstage behavior.

#2. The reason why Theory has been chosen for a push over Riddle

Mr. Money in the Bank Theory is currently on cloud nine as he heads into SummerSlam as one of WWE’s top prospects. However, many fans have questioned the decision to push the 24-year-old superstar and believe Riddle was more deserving of the opportunity.

Both Riddle and Theory have been breakout stars on the main roster, and while the executives have clearly backed the latter, fans should not be too concerned about the former UFC star’s future.

Speaking on Mat Men wrestling podcast, Andrew Zarian revealed that Theory was chosen over Riddle as people within the company feel it’s not the Original Bro’s time just yet to shine at the top.

“Someone said why did they pass on Riddle. I asked, and they said, ‘it’s not his time, don’t worry about Riddle, it’s not his time,” reported Zarian.

Theory has been portrayed as the next big thing, and he could cement his position as a top-tier talent if he cashes in on the Money in the Bank contract. Meanwhile, Riddle is without his partner Randy Orton and could be in line for a SummerSlam match against Seth Rollins.

#1. Fans could be left disappointed despite WWE’s move to a TV-14 rating

As first reported by Andrew Zarian, the PG era is all set to end in WWE as Monday Night RAW will soon receive a TV-14 rating on the USA Network. The new information has raised hope amongst fans who expect the product to undergo a much-needed revamp.

However, Sean Ross Sapp revealed in a Fightful Select report that the move to TV-14 might bring about significant alterations to the on-screen content. It was also stated that WWE does not have a confirmed date for the shift.

The TV-14 rating might not impact WWE’s programming as it was noted that NXT 2.0 has edgy angles and stories even though it is rated TV-PG. Cable television shows are not required to meet specific standards to retain their TV-PG or TV-14 status. An example provided was that WWE could still have a TV-PG classification during the Attitude Era with “oversight ramifications.”

However, WWE always considers the opinions of sponsors and TV executives, and it would be intriguing to see if it leads to a positive change in the near future.

As of this writing, there have been no discussions regarding going in a different creative direction, but that could change pretty soon.

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