[VIDEO] WWE Superstar Xavier Woods was involved in wholesome interaction with a fan

WWE Superstar Xavier Woods was involved in a wholesome interaction with a young fan during WWE Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Woods spotted a kid in the crowd holding a handmade sign which read, “It’s a New Day, yes it is.” at the Hertz Arena in Fort Myers, Florida.

Xavier Woods jumped the barricade to greet the fan as the audience nearby cheered on the wholesome interaction. He fist-bumped the young fan before holding his sign up high for the rest of the people to see.

At the show, Woods and Kofi Kingston challenged The Usos for the Undisputed Tag Team Championships. However, they couldn’t dethrone the Bloodline members.

The New Day are currently involved in a vicious feud with The Viking Raiders. Erik and Ivar recently returned to SmackDown to kickstart a brutal heel run. They have targeted New Day and the team of Shanky and Jinder Mahal.

Last week, Kingston and Woods finally managed to get the upper hand over the Raiders when they conspired with Shanky and Mahal to orchestrate a surprise attack.

WWE fans react to Xavier Woods’ interaction with fan

Soon after the aforementioned video was posted on Instagram, fans flocked to the comment section to hail the superstar for his actions.

Many noted how he went out of his way to engage with a young fan:

A fan wrote, “Aww how sweet.”.

“Us fans help these men & women wrestlers get a fan following; get to be where they are. So it’s cool to see any wrestlers take even a few seconds w/ any fans,” wrote another.

Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston are currently working as babyfaces. It would be fair to say that they will continue to be a top favorite amidst the viewers, especially because of their approach towards their fans.


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