Alexa Bliss wishes she was on the current male superstar’s level

Alexa Bliss heaped massive praise on fellow WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler in her recent tweet.

Dolph Ziggler is regarded by many as one of the greatest sellers in WWE history. Ziggler has received major praise from fans as well as his co-workers for being an incredible performer.

Former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. recently stumbled upon a Muay Thai boxing match in which a fighter can be seen knocking his opponent down with a vicious kick to the head. Freddie Prinze Jr. responded to the clip and wrote that the fighter almost ‘sells’ better than Dolph Ziggler.

The tweet received a response from Alexa Bliss, who stated that Ziggler is a better seller. In another tweet, Bliss wrote that she wishes she was on Ziggler’s level.

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Dolph Ziggler has been a WWE mainstay for about 18 years at this point. He made his WWE debut in the mid-2000s and is still going strong all these years later. Ziggler is a two-time World Heavyweight Champion and a former NXT Champion as well. He is also one of the best Intercontinental Champions of his era and has held the belt on six different occasions.

Alexa Bliss’ fans praised her in the replies

Alexa Bliss’ tweet received several responses from her fans, with most of them praising her for her in-ring skills and her ability to sell.

Check out some of the responses below:

Little Miss Bliss isn’t the only WWE Superstar who is a big fan of Dolph Ziggler’s selling. Last year, former Women’s Champion Natalya wrote in a tweet that she wants to face Ziggler in the ring, and dubbed him a “modern-day Mr. Perfect.”

WWE legend The Rock once responded to WWE’s Instagram photo in which a WWE title was edited on Ziggler’s shoulder. The Great One endorsed Ziggler as a future WWE Champion and showered big praise on him.

Ziggler has had quite an impressive career so far and is bound to receive a WWE Hall of Fame induction in the distant future for his contributions to the business.

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