“What are you doing?” Former WWE writer reveals initial problem with The Wyatt Family (Exclusive)

The Wyatt Family made their debut in WWE back in 2013 after several vignettes set the scene for their arrival.

They were a team had a rocky start but later became popular with the WWE Universe, but former WWE head writer Vince Russo recently noted that there was an immediate problem with the trio.

In the latest edition of Writing with Russo, it was noted that the three stars(Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Erik Rowan) who were supposed to come from the middle of nowhere were surprisingly able to wrestle and understand the rules of the business.

“Here’s the problem, they made off the bat, they did all those vignettes, these guys had a great look, the goat masks, and all that stuff was absolutely tremendous. So all of a sudden now they show up and these characters that you want us to believe is deliverance, backwoods of wherever they are, you know, all of a sudden they know wrestling moves and I’m like, wait a minute bro, like who was teaching them the wrestling in the hills of Arkansaw. Right off the bat, bro they didn’t understand these guys can’t understand anything about wrestling, they can’t understand rules, they don’t know moves, they want to hurt people. that’s why they’re here they don’t even know what a referee stands for,” he continued. “But immediately bro, ok these guys show up and wait, they know all these wrestling moves, what they go to Toots Mondt’s wrestling school bro? Does Toots have a school up in Arkansaw, Bro? Like right off the bat I’m like, what are you doing man, they shouldn’t know how to wrestle. ” [00:53-2:10]

The Wyatt Family was hugely successful despite this early issue, and later recruited Braun Strowman who was able to help push the trio one step further as a stable.

The Wyatt Family have all left WWE in recent years

The Wyatt Family once dominated the Tag Team Division in WWE, but in recent years the former Champions have all departed the company.

Luke Harper left back in 2019 after requesting his release and making the move over to AEW. Erick Rowan was then released from the company not long afterward as part of the April 2020 talent cull.

Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt were both surprise departures back in 2021 after WWE released the two stars as part of their budget cuts.

Rowan and Strowman are still active wrestlers, although Bray Wyatt has been spending some time working on a movie and Luke Harper sadly passed away back in 2020.


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