WWE RAW Results: Title changes hands multiple times; Former Universal Champ returns – Winners, Recap, Grades & Highlights (July 18th, 2022)

Titus O’Neil kicked off RAW and announced that he was the Global Ambassador for WWE and welcomed us to the show. Becky Lynch was out next and said that she secured herself a RAW Women’s Title match at SummerSlam. Bianca Belair came out and said that this SummerSlam she was looking to get revenge for last year when Lynch beat her in 26 seconds.

Carmella came out and trash-talked Belair before she and Becky started beating up the champ. Lynch hit the Manhandle Slam on Belair before we headed for a break.

WWE RAW Results (July 18th, 2022): Bianca Belair (c) vs. Carmella – RAW Women’s Championship match

Bianca started off strong and got a few backbreakers but was sent outside. When she tried to get back into the ring, Carmella caught her with some big stomps and sent her back outside. Belair barely managed to beat the count before we headed for another break on RAW.

The Street Profits were backstage and said that Jeff Jarrett would make sure the Usos don’t cause any trouble at SummerSlam. MVP came in and booked a match between Omos and Dawkins because they said that they ‘wanted the smoke’.

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