5 things WWE subtly told us on RAW before SummerSlam: Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins rematch, the start of Triple H era, creative plans for 7-time champion


WWE RAW’s final show before SummerSlam 2022 delivered beyond expectations. While there were a few repetitive booking decisions, other aspects of the episode hinted at what lies ahead following Vince McMahon’s exit. We also saw some exciting developments in the biggest feuds ahead of SummerSlam.

Here, we look at five things WWE subtly told us on RAW this week. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

#1 Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins’ full-blown feud remains a distant dream

Roman Reigns returned to WWE RAW this week and was the man behind some of the most savage moments on the show. It was also the first time in a while that we saw him compete in a match on the red brand. In the main event, he teamed up with the Usos to take on The Street Profits and Riddle and picked up a massive win for The Bloodline.

After the match, Reigns was on his way back when he crossed paths with Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins on the ramp. They engaged in playful banter before Reigns headed backstage, whereas Rollins made way to the ring in order to mercilessly attack Riddle. The interaction between the two men had the crowd on their feet, and everyone was visibly excited.

However, it is evident that the creative team has no plans to book them in a title feud anytime soon. It is a surprise considering Rollins remains the only superstar to have beaten the Tribal Chief in a title match.

However, Reigns retained his gold as Rollins won via disqualification. It was a great match with an exciting buildup that paid off very well, particularly when The Visionary showed up in SHIELD gear. It’s a shame that more was not done about this rivalry.

#2 The beginning of the Triple H era in WWE

This was the first episode of WWE RAW after Triple H was named the Head of Creative. Fans of the company have waited a long time to see The Game take over the role, especially after he scripted NXT’s glory days as the Black and Gold brand.

The show had several subtle nuances of Triple H’s typical approach. Backstage rumors have suggested that we might not see major changes instantly as the executives want to send out a message to stakeholders about a smooth transition. However, it is evident that the new approach will soon start to reflect across all shows.

#3 The creative plans for Alexa Bliss lack a solid direction

Alexa Bliss’ booking since her return has been quite repetitive. Every alternate week, she talks about reclaiming her position as a top superstar in the women’s division, but she often ends up facing either Doudrop, Nikki A.S.H., or both.

This week was no different, and it appears that the creative team has no solid plans for the former multi-time champion. Bliss’ association with Lilly, the doll, has now turned stale. Unless she turns heel, getting fans excited about any supernatural element in her storyline won’t be easy.

If she is to compete in the tag team division, then she needs to be booked in fresh feuds. However, Bliss would be better off in the singles competition as there is a desperate need for new feuds on both RAW and SmackDown.

The former women’s champion’s recent booking has hurt her credibility, and we hope to see the creative team pull her character out of the rut sooner rather than later.

#4 AJ Styles to continue competing in the tag team division

Barring his feud with Edge, AJ Styles has spent the last two years pairing up with superstars and competing in the tag team division. It appears that there are no plans for his singles run as he is once again involved in an active tag team feud. Most recently, he teamed up with returning superstar Dolph Ziggler to take on The Alpha Academy.

As of this writing, it isn’t known if Styles and Ziggler will continue to work together as a team. However, the Phenomenal One has openly stated that he wants to spend time uplifting other talents. Thus, the two veterans may work together to elevate other tag teams on RAW.

#5 Rhea Ripley’s significant pull in Judgment Day

Ripley was the No. 1 contender for the WWE RAW Women’s Championship before she was forced to take a month-long break due to medical reasons. It won’t be long before she makes her way back to the championship picture.

For now, she will accompany Finn Balor and Damian Priest at WWE SummerSlam when they face Rey Mysterio and Dominik. Will we see her make a statement at the upcoming premium live event?

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