A new faction, a score to settle – 3 possible ways Bray Wyatt can return to WWE following Vince McMahon’s retirement

Rumors of Bray Wyatt ‘The Fiend’ returning to WWE continue to do the rounds. He was released from the company a couple of years ago owing to budget cuts due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wyatt’s final feud was against Randy Orton, which he lost after his associate Alexa Bliss turned on him. It was under Vince McMahon’s regime that Bray Wyatt was released from the WWE contract. His 12-year tenure with the company ended on July 31, 2021.

Now that McMahon is officially retired, we could see Wyatt return to WWE and pick up from where he left off. Let’s look at three possible ways in which he could make a comeback.

#3. On our list of ways in which Bray Wyatt can return to WWE after Vince McMahon’s retirement: Join The Judgment Day

Bray Wyatt is best known for his time as a (creepy) cult leader. His role as the head of The Wyatt Family was an excellent gimmick that established him as a top-tier performer. The closest thing to his group on the current roster is the Judgment Day.

Wyatt could possibly join the faction upon his return and make a statement of intent. His arrival could boost the team and make them way more dangerous than they are right now. With Finn Balor supporting him, The Eater of Worlds could become the world beater he was always meant to be.

#2. Go to NXT 2.0

Main roster superstars like Mandy Rose, Dolph Ziggler and Apollo Crews have gone to NXT 2.0 and quickly cemented themselves as cornerstones of the show. This has opened the door for established performers to make their presence felt there. Bray Wyatt is someone who can add star power to the show every week. He will also be a top championship-level contender.

Wyatt’s years of experience and creative genius would thrive in an environment like NXT 2.0. He could help elevate the youngsters on the show and get them ready for the main roster. The former WWE Champion has credentials in spades and will be a great challenger to superstars like NXT Champion Bron Breakker.

The host of Firefly Fun House would eventually make the jump to the main roster with a ton of momentum on his side. From then on, everything rests on the booking he is afforded. WWE will be eager not to let history repeat itself, and they can do a lot worse than push Wyatt to the top.

#1. Attacking Roman Reigns and challenging for the world title

During his final stint as The Fiend, Bray Wyatt won the Universal Championship for the second time by defeating Braun Strowman at SummerSlam 2020. He was then obliterated by Roman Reigns, who in his words ‘wrecked’ him and left him in a heap.

A week later, Reigns won the Universal title, making it the last time Wyatt held a world title in WWE. A year later, Wyatt departed from the company, with many fans sharing the opinion that his main event status was seemingly over following his defeat by the current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

If Wyatt ever makes a return to the company, he could go straight in for some payback. The former Eater of Worlds and The Tribal Chief have a well-documented rivalry. Hostilities being renewed after Wyatt’s comeback will be some solid booking and storytelling.

Do you think there are other ways in which Bray Wyatt could return to WWE? Sound off in the comments below.

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