Dwayne Johnson’s Shark Week: How to watch online, channel & timings

Dwayne Johnson will be at the helm of the 2022 edition of Shark Week. It is a huge coup for the show, which is the best rated shark-based program in television history.

Having first premiered on July 17, 1988, Shark Week became a big hit with fans and subsequently an annual feature that airs in July or August. It was originally a show that educated people about sharks and promoted efforts to conserve them. As the years passed, it became incredibly popular and the modern-day entertainment show it is today.

Dwayne Johnson is the latest celebrity to host Shark Week. The likes of Andy Samberg, Adam Savage and Shaquille O’Neal have all hosted it in the past. Johnson’s star power is sure to bring a lot of eyes to the product. If you want to know how, when and where to watch Shark Week 2022, we got you covered.

You can catch WWE legend Dwayne Johnson on the latest season of Shark Week from July 24 to July 30. The episodes will go live between 7 pm ET/PT and 11 pm ET/PT every day.

Viewers in the US can watch the show on Discovery and Discovery Plus. Discovery is available on streaming services like YouTube TV, while the Plus variant is on Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV. If you live in Canada or the UK, you can still watch the show, but only on Discovery Plus.

Schedule for Dwayne Johnson’s appearances on Shark Week

We have for you the entire schedule of Shark Week 2022. If you want to have some fin-tastic fun with Dwayne Johnson and company, be sure to tune in when the show is airing,

Here is the full schedule for the 2022 edition of Shark Week.

Tuesday, July 26

Extinct or Alive Jaws of Alaska 7pm ET/PT

Impractical Jokers Shark Week Spectacular 8pm ET/PT

Jaws vs Kraken 9pm ET/PT

Pigs vs Shark 10pm ET/PT

Raging Bulls 11pm ET/PT

Wednesday, July 27

Island of Walking Sharks 8pm ET/PT

Mechashark Love Down Under 9pm ET/PT

Mission Shark Dome 10pm ET/PT

Great White Comeback 11pm ET/PT

Thursday, July 28

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Tracy Morgan Presents: Sharks! with Tracy Morgan 8pm ET/PT

Shark House 9 pm ET/PT

Monster Mako Under the Rig 10pm ET/PT

Tiger Queen 11pm ET/PT

Friday, July 29

Jaws vs The Blob 8pm ET/PT

Clash of Killers: Great White vs Mako 9pm ET/PT

Shark Women: Ghosted by Great Whites 10pm ET/PT

The Great Hammerhead Stakeout 11pm ET/PT

Saturday, July 30

Monsters of the Cape 8pm ET/PT

Sharks in Paradise 9pm ET/PT

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