“I got to see the world” – Former WWE Superstar is thankful for the time spent with Vince McMahon (Exclusive)

Vince McMahon recently retired after a legendary career where he made sports entertainment a globally-consumed household phenomenon. Former WWE manager and superstar Ricardo Rodriguez feels his career wouldn’t exist without McMahon.

Some know Mr. McMahon as the heart and soul of World Wrestling Entertainment, while many despise him for being the best heel of all time. At 77, the former Chairman of the Board called it quits in an unprecedented move. It must also be said that the timing is suspicious, following misconduct allegations

In an exclusive quote provided to Sportskeeda Wrestling, Rodriguez stated the following:

“I will forever be thankful for Vince McMahon. Without Vince and WWE, I never would have started this journey in pro wrestling and there never would have been a Ricardo Rodriguez. I got to see the world and continue to build future generations because of WWE. I wish the best of luck to Stephanie McMahon and HHH in carrying on the legacy of WWE.”

A new era has begun with Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Nick Khan at the forefront of the global empire. Only time will tell if sports entertainment can survive without Mr. McMahon at the helm.

Despite the recent allegations, several Superstars have spoken out about what Vince McMahon truly means to them

It is impossible to dispute the influence that McMahon has had on the wrestling world, and several of his former employees expressed their gratitude on social media.


The results of the ongoing investigations could undoubtedly play a big role in how history remembers him. Only time will tell.

As for Rodriguez, catch him in Lancaster, PA, with former WWE Superstars – Rob Van Dam, Alberto El Patron, Fandango, Santino Marella, and many others on one of the hottest indie dates this year.

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