The Undertaker Hates It”: WWE Legend Once Revealed What Made Mark Calaway Furious During a Match

The Undertaker, who worked in the WWE for over three decades, is without a doubt one of the most loyal members of the company. For a WWE fan, it is very difficult to imagine the company reaching its pinnacle without The Phenom. The support of each other has immensely helped both WWE and Taker reach legendary heights. Anyone who worked for the firm for three decades will undoubtedly have experienced both the great and negative sides of the company.

WWE Hall of Famer Bubba Ray revealed the things that the company’s most loyal person also hates in an interview with Tommy Dreamer on Busted Open.

What was it that The Undertaker hated the most?

During the fight between The Dudley Boyz and The Brothers of Destruction, Bully Ray noted in the show that he learned Taker hated getting the chop. He tells an interesting story about what happened that evening. To quote him, “Well I remember one night I locked up with Taker and I think I bull-rushed him into the corner and I gave him a couple of shoulder tackles to the mid-section.”

“I wore him down a little bit and I took his right arm and draped it over the top rope. I took his left arm and draped it over the other rope, and I then – I don’t know why I did this, but I rifled off a shot and I chopped him.”

Ray, after delivering him a chop, understood that he had made a mistake. As per him, then everything came to a dead standstill. There was nothing—not a sound, not a sight. He only heard his brother Kane, all 6’6″ and 350 pounds of him, coming from Undertaker’s corner. Who said, “He’s going to kill you!”

To take his revenge, Taker reportedly expressed displeasure to Ray and instructed him to reverse so he could unleash a massive boot. Ray followed instructions. Consequently, The Undertaker then used a powerful boot to knock him down and took revenge of the chop.

To sum up, although being the monster Taker doesn’t like to get assaulted with the chop and when someone gives it, he surely takes the revenge

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