Vince McMahon allegedly nixed SmackDown star’s push because he ‘spoke up’ on issues with the script of his segment

Vince McMahon announced his retirement last Friday. However, the former CEO nixed Max Dupri’s push before he left the company. McMahon was allegedly unhappy with his promo delivery and didn’t like him voicing out issues with the script.

Dupri, formerly known as LA Knight in NXT, and Eli Drake in IMPACT Wrestling, made his main roster debut a few weeks back as the manager of the Maximum Male Models. He’s touted as one of the best speakers in the business. Unfortunately, Vince McMahon wasn’t a fan.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter stated that Dupri’s push on SmackDown got axed because of McMahon. The former WWE CEO didn’t like his style, and complaints about the script didn’t help his cause either. Dupri was replaced by his ‘sister’ Maxxine as the manager of ma.çé & mån.sôör:

”Max being gone was a Vince call made after one of the early segments of the deal when Vince blamed the segment being bad on his delivery of the lines and apparently he also spoke up about some of the scripting. With Vince out, he may resurface if he has supporters with whoever ends up,” noted Meltzer.

Will Max Dupri be brought back with Vince McMahon gone?

Max Dupri was removed from the main roster following his ouster from the Maximum Male Models group. It’s reported that Dupri has some supporters and might be brought back now that McMahon is no longer in charge.

Sofia Crawford has become Maxxine Dupri and leads ma.çé & mån.sôör as the Maximum Male Models.


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