“I feel disrespected” – Wrestling world reacts to massive WWE botch during SmackDown

WWE presented a Donnybrook match between Drew McIntyre and Sheamus to open last night’s episode of SmackDown, but the company managed to make quite the botch when setting up the flags for the bout.

Over the course of the match, several Scottish and Irish flags could be seen draped around the ring as a way to represent the heritage of the two stars. However, one thing that WWE missed was the fact that the Irish flag was set up the wrong way around and backwards throughout the SmackDown segment.

Whilst many casual viewers might have missed the error, a few fans took to social media to point out the company’s mistake.

WWE didn’t realize that they were actually displaying the Ivory Coast flag on SmackDown

There were several reactions throughout the show, with many going as far as stating that they felt disrespected since the flag being that way around represented a different country entirely.

The Irish flag is supposed to start with the green stripe and be displayed as green, white and orange. Instead, WWE displayed it in the order of orange, white, and green ,which is the national flag of the Ivory Coast.

Irish fans were quite upset about the botch and several even called upon Drew McIntyre and Sheamus to correct the flags themselves.

Of course, McIntyre and Sheamus were part of a brutal match where the winner would go on to main event Clash at the Castle in Wales on September 3.

WWE makes the trip over to the United Kingdom for their first UK stadium show in three decades in September. As such, the company has been looking to push its English wrestlers over the past few months.

McIntyre will now be in the main event of the show, but he awaits his opponent following tonight’s SummerSlam event.

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